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QualityNet Instagram Competition

Show your creativity and win two tickets from Kuwait to Dubai and back! 

How to roll in?

  • Take a photo “by yourself” as your entry to the competition
  • The photo must be related to either “Ramadan” or “QualityNet Ad
  • Send it (The photo) to qualitynet_q8[at] and include the following within your email:
    • Full name
    • Mobile number
    • Instagram nickname
  • Voting ends on August 5th! so hurry up

Below are more details about the terms and conditions:



Stay in contact with QualityNet: @Qualitynet_q8 on twitter & Instagram

Good luck everyone :)

Thanks Osama :)

Scariest day of my life

It was 4:15 pm, Monday, 4th of July when I hung up the phone after talking to my wife for few minutes. She was about to leave her family’s house heading back to her work again (A bank) as I was leaving my work, going to Sharq to finish some stuff.

15 minutes later, parked in some yard in sharq and about to get out of my car when I received a call from an unknown number. It was a man, asking me loudly “Are you Nasser?” with a lot of noise in the background.. “Yes! who’s this?” I said. “Your wife had an accident and her car flipped over” said the man.. I could swear I saw everything moving in slow motion and my heart beats were like bass drums! I had to call him again to know where the accident was.. Ta3awon street just next to Movenpick. I got there in 15 minutes or less.. I broke every possible driving law out there.. just to get to her. I finally reach al beda’ round-about and the street was literally blocked, there was no place to stop my car in.. I stopped my car in the bus stop next to Hardees’, and ran the whole way back to Movenpick.. damn.. it was scary, hot, couldn’t breathe.. here’s her car, flipped, totally destroyed in the front the right side.. where is she? I went asking every medic and policeman around, she’s in the ambulance, and she’s fine..

scared and crying, also in pain.. she looks at me and says “kent ra7 amoot.. latroo7 3anni”. I just couldn’t hold myself, started crying like a child.. few minutes later, I hold myself back and ask her “What happened?”.. “A taxi.. moved quickly from the far left lane to my lane (far right).. and hit me in the front, I can’t remember anything but everything around me smashing into small pieces”.

I got out of the ambulance, and saw the taxi driver.. I ran towards him, and I swear, I would have killed him if the police men around didn’t stop me. “E7med rabbek enha bkhair.. la tet’hawar” a police man says.. I looked into his face, “Haddi o ro7 eg3ad ma3a mortek” he said. my mother and sisters in law came, they got into the ambulance with her heading to hospital.. it was really sad. Thank God, she was fine and the X-rays turned out to be ok.

Since then, I’m taking the usual tour everyday to finish the paper work.. Police station, hospital, Hawali investigations HQ, and the insurance company. and I don’t care, what I care about the most is that my wife is fine. The Taxi driver, been accused of causing the accident and now facing a public lawsuit. Add to that, I’m filing another lawsuit against him and the Taxi company he works for. I’m not looking for a compensation, I just want the bastard to be jailed and then expelled out of Kuwait.

Ask your beloved ones to be careful while driving. Those crazy, ruthless, ignorant taxi drivers have turned our streets into a living hell! and in case anything happens to anyone you know (la sama7 allah) DO NOT HESITATE to file a lawsuit against the driver and his company, do not ask for a compensation, ask for putting the bastard in a prison cell until he rots.. Ask for shutting down the whole damn taxi company!

May God save you all..


My Wife’s car.. pictures were taken the next day (July 5th, 2011)

The 1st photograph in the world

Have you ever wondered what was the first picture ever taken? taken by whom? or when?

Here are the answers!


1st photo ever taken

Year 1826 – Taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

A view from the window at Le Gras


Well, guess what.. I knew that since I was a kid obsessed with “Labeeba”; a Japanese educative cartoon show. (ミームいろいろ夢の旅)


صورة: أبيخ موقف يصير فيك بالشارع


لما تنحكر بين الرصيف و سيارة عند فرعي بجانب أي إشارة

و تكون متأخر


محكور محكور محكووووور.. يا ولدي

صور متنوعة لهوشة مجلس الأمة 18/5/2011


و الله عيب!

الصور منقولة من


و مستخدمي تويتر آخرين


عدنان.. بعد بوكس النملان


أحداث مؤسفة، تنقل لنا و بوضوح المستوى الذي تردى له العمل البرلماني

في الكويت… للأسف


النائب عدنان المطوع مضروبا



و الله مو فوتوشوب!


ودي آخذ جسمه ساعتين بس


Plastic face style

With all due respect to Shurouq Style ppl

It’s either ugly, or I truly have no clue about beauty standards.. herrfff


[Photo] US DoD’s video of Bin Laden.. is also FAKE! #OBL #BinLadin #BinLaden



Click on image to enlarge

In a previous post, we have posted a video released yesterday by the US Department of Defense and was broadcasted on CNN. A shocking fact was published today on showing an image comparing “ear prints” of Bin Ladin and the guy showing in the video! Ears are unique as fingerprints, this has been scientifically proven, let’s see how the DoD can deny this!



Add to that, the man in the video released yesterday was holding the remote in is right hand, while FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” page says that Bin Ladin is “left handed” !




[Photo] Another fake photo of Bin Laden’s body #OBL #Binladen #Binladin

Fake photos are still coming up one after another, I think there’s no “real” one!


Click to enlarge


By the way, source image was taken from the movie “Black Hawk down”