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Mohammad AlJuwaihel


Mohammad Aljuwaihel’s Channel “AlSoor” should be up and running today on this frequency:
Nilesat 11555 Vertical

w allah e3een eldeera

* just got it from a friend, not confirmed if anyone got the channel running please let us know.

Reese Witherspoon



Greatest Story Ever Told

Greatest Story Ever Told – Watch more Funny Videos

I declare myself an Anti-Haleema person!

It’s nothing personal… but it’s the way she talks, and the way she expresses what she feels… it just makes me sick!
I’m so sure that she’s some kind of a “role model” to some girls.. but how would you tolerate a girl talking this way?





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ملك ملوك افريقيا وامام المسلمين


whats wrong with this guy?

CFA exam policy



“The following items may be kept on your desk, if needed:
Erasers, calculator batteries (and screwdriver for battery replacement), pencil sharpeners (no knives), eyeglasses, earplugs, and wristwatches (analog and digital) are acceptable; however, audible alarms and/or timers must be turned off”

so im not allowed to bring my knife! how can I do the exam without my knife!

Harry Potter, a Zionist conspiracy!


come one.. every little thing is a conspiracy then what do you call your attitude against the gulf countries and “exporting the revolution” thing that happened in the 80′s and might breakout again in the up coming years.. peace movement?
I think this time i might take the other side for the first time.. especially if those idiots continue with their stupid ideas



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