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New Kuwaiti Blog Aggregator

Botamba, is a new kuwaiti blog aggregator which is still in beta phase, good thing that we’re getting more websites offering this servcice since Safat was the only one offering it

List of Kuwaiti blogs aggregator:

Kuwaitblogs (ive added my blog like 3290482 times with no response at all) but still this is my favorite one

Q8bloggers ( just needs to be redesigned cuz the current one is kinda messy and distracting)

Botamba (beta)


Togo footballers shot in ambush

The 2010 African Cup starts with an ambush on Togo’s team, BBC news:

Gunmen have fired on a bus carrying Togo’s football team to the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, wounding players and reportedly killing the driver.

The attackers machine-gunned the vehicle after it crossed from the Republic of Congo into Angola’s oil-rich territory of Cabinda.

Rebels who have been fighting for the region’s independence later said they had carried out the attack.

The organisers of the tournament, which starts on Sunday, say it will go ahead.

The Angolan government called the incident an “act of terrorism”.

The Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (Flec), which said it carried out the attack, has fought for independence for several decades, but entered a ceasefire in 2006.

You cannot sleep after what we have seen – one of your team-mates with bullets in his body in front of you, crying and losing consciousness”

Emmanuel Adebayor

BBC News

HP Slate

This is the new HP tablet PC “slate” teaser which will be released later this year. 2010 will start the “tablet” hype like what happened in 08/09 when the netbook suddenly got all the attention from the manufactures and started a market-share war within the major producers. We’ve already heard about  apple’s new tablet computer coming up soon.. no specifications was announced on both.

Censoring the blogosphere..

This is one of the reason why they would love to have all the blogs censored and closed if they could..

المحامي نواف الفزيع والأستاذ بدر سلطان بن عيسى وأصحاب المدونات: «أنا أحتج»، «أبو الدستور»، «سرحان»، «عثماني»، وآخرون لم يسعفني الوقت لمتابعتهم، ما سطرتموه حول ما يجري في المؤسسة العريقة من فساد قد خلق في البلد موجة عاتية من الغضب والاحتجاج حول هذا القيادي الذي يتصرف بالمال العام وكأنه «حلال أبوه»! وبدأ بعض الأعضاء يتصلون ويستفسرون، وكان آخر اتصال تلقيته (قبل كتابة هذه المقالة) من النائب الفاضل مسلم البراك.


المادة 175

الاحكام الخاصة بالنظام الاميري للكويت وبمبادىء الحرية والمساواة المنصوص عليها في هذا الدستور لا يجوز اقتراح تنقيحها، ما لم يكن التنقيح خاصا بلقب الامارة او بالمزيد من ضمانات الحرية والمساواة.

دستور الكويت

وعلى طاري المراقبه


بمناسبة اقرار المجلس لقانون اسقاط فوائد القروض


راحت رجال ترفع الدروازة وجتنه رجال المطنزة والعازة



هنأ رئيس المجلس زيد العازمي الاعضاء بالسنة الجديدة، متمنيا ان ينعم الله على البلد بالخير والأمان في ظل قيادة سمو أمير البلاد الشيخ جابر الأحمد.
اذا المجلس البلدي مايدري منو الامير لا بالله كدينه خير

one of Iran’s rallies.. photoshop failure


Fire in Alraya?


I just got news from a friend that there is FIRE in Alraya, and I’m not sure if this is real or a drill. Below is a photo taken for the evacuated employees. Can anyone confirm this?


Thanks STR

quick update:
Just got a msg from Kuwait News service saying that it was a fire drill.

Football Directa

This is a new sports website as you can see it covers football around the world, but this one is kinda special to me because this website isn’t owned by a huge multinational network such as sky and the other big corps. this is owned by kuwaiti guys who decided to get the news from the source. so you wont find any rumors or manipulated info.the owners of the website  did a great work setting up all the news feeders which are all trusted and known. so if you’re a football fan I’d really recommend this website.

pic taken from somecontrast

iPhone, credit card reader

Mophie today broadcast its intent to get into mobile payment by unveiling early details of a credit card reader for the iPhone. The peripheral when attached will let owners “complete financial transactions on the go” and will come Read more