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You can’t be serious!


You don’t believe it?
You can find it in Alqabas newspaper – 14/2/2009 – page 7

Global-Jordan suspended by Court



Global jordan a subsidiary of Global investment house got a court order to suspend all its operations. No further details disclosed, I think we will know all the story by tomorrow morning.



Copy of the SEC letter


** all the information provided in this post are taken from ChartsandNumbers

Thats just too much money to lose in one day!


ConnectU lawsuit against facebook resulted in securing $65M settlement, It was a confidential settlement until the law firm representing ConnectU decided to do a little marketing for the latest lawsuit victory with their newsletter and now it covers all the over the internet webpages. I think another lawsuit will pull out all the money back to facebook. who knows if you could win 65m in one day you might just lose it in the next one. 

Why dont we have major lawsuits in Kuwait with lots of money being paid as settlements all what I hear is 5001 KD as a settlement.

btw do they really pay the one dinar in the 5001 or its just a judge’s way to tell a joke?



المليفي يغلق ملفه

من خدمة برلماني SMS:

المليفي: نثني على رئيس الوزراء الذي تعامل بشفافية و ملف مصروفات ديوان سموه بإحالته للنيابة العامة أغلق و كذلك ملف الاستجواب أغلق.


أغلق النائب أحمد المليفي ملف الاستجواب الذي كان قد عقد العزم على تقديمه مسبقا بخصوص ما يتعلق بمصروفات ديوان سمو رئيس مجلس الوزراء، و التي عكست إهداراً مبالغا فيه كشفه المليفي مسبقا في موقعه من خلال عرضه وثائق تعرض قيمة المصروفات و أوجه صرفها.

و الله يا بو انس يبيلك جولة على كل الوزارات!

Blackberry’s life under threat

Nokia, the giant mobile manufacturer is willing to fight back the blackberry’s hype by establishing its own mailing network service. for now they’ve released the beta version of their application. you just need to sign-up and get the software on your Nokia device and start getting your e-mails to your mobile. you can add up to 10 e-mail addresses to your account.

Will this be the ending of blackberry’s life? since blackberry does not have any unique advantage over other devices except for the mailing service which will be ended by the introduction of the new Nokia service.

I tried this service for a month now and it is really great having all my emails delivered without having to do it manually. A super alternative for the blacberry.


Give it a try.  Nokia Messaging Service


If Tiger Woods scandal became a movie