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Bla Bla Bla..

It’s been a while since the last time I blogged. Yes I’ve been away for many reasons, had many things in mind to look after and work for… It was the perfect time to break that steady streamline of daily tasks and activities.

I’ve been working on a very huge project for almost two years now.. planning, designing, coding, and testing a breakthrough idea that would help lots of those around me achieve their goals.. not seeking any profit (For now at least).. It’s all about legacy, it’s about what we leave behind for those who come after us.. setting an example for others learn the easy way, unlike we did.. This is my ultimate goal.

I don’t really know why am I writing this at this time (It’s 2:10am).. That’s all I needed to say..

See you soon

Guess who’s back?



“It’s Good to be Back!” – Tony Stark/Iron man

Is this the 1000th time I say that I’m back? Well.. yes.. may continue, may not.. depends on what I have in mind after all :)

Stay tuned for the upcoming post.. Will be bashing shipment companies… hremmmfff.. a misery that never ends :)


Theme change.. ? again?


Every time I change theme I keep it for a short time and then start looking for an alternative… I don’t really get myself when it comes to themes! I feel like changing it every now and then.

So, what do you suggest? totally new theme? do you have any color in mind for us? 3a6oona raykom

I’m back

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something, but meeting two wonderful fellow bloggers today’s morning gave me the power to come back. Thank you dears, it was really nice meeting you in person, as it also was really encouraging to me to post again on Blog37.

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Now I’m pissed!!

Working on getting news, articles, videos, and pictures have never been easy… specially when you have a job that -almost – consumes your day time. What I have noticed lately that some blogs actually rip-off content from others without a permission or even a mention!!

Being a blogger is all about credibility, respecting others and their opinions, and self-respect after all! Can’t you handle credibility in a few posts? OK! Blog37 might be a “new” blog… but that never means that you – or anyone- like you is allowed to rip-off what we work on or get for our readers! I’m not mentioning who ripped, or who is ripping content from other blogs… But you might wanna take this as a warning… or a promise! and I DO KEEP MY PROMISES! I promise that I’ll start an aggressive campaign against any ripper I catch! You don’t wanna know my history (Hamad knows what I’m talking about :P )

Ehdaa’ :P

technology and human manners


I guess you all know how technology has improved our way of living and saved our time , but sill some people don’t know how to handle it and mis-use it , and they lake the etiquette of having this technology .

Like when you go to the bank all dress up, you have waiting for your turn and by the time you set down the bank teller answers a customer on phone, how rude is that.  And when you go the co-op to get your thing and while you’re standing in line for the cashier, you don’t wanna hear the whole conversation of a woman talking to her mother about some cheese cake recipe, or another woman shouting at her kids at home to behave. I mean in public places keep your calls short this will save you a lot on your mobile bill next month .

Another mobile service that is so important. It’s the (waiting) ! ,, when you get in the middle of your conversation and you are about to make your point .. your friend on the other line simply picks the other call leaving you hanging  there!! By the time her gets to you .. you forgot what was it that your were talking about !.. personally I prefer not to have this service! Because some people just keeps on calling you if you had other line and annoy you till you answer them !

As for instant messaging,, I find people telling me you ignore us ,, your nose is up in the air ! but they have no idea that I might be having better things to do then waste my time chatting .

Finally I think that we should set a new rules of human manners to prevent the awkward situations and not to be take away by this huge inventions every day     

Mr.Right .. ehh?


I’ve been getting all those stupid message over my BlackBerry messenger about “I haven’t met Mr. Right yet.. But I have met with Mr. As***le… etc”. I swear that I received this message more than 20 times in a single day, and all were broadcasts.

I came out with one conclusion.. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BAD CHOICE THAT A GIRL MAKES! Don’t blame guys for your shi* ! I’m not saying that all guys are good… la walla 7asha ! But you know what? Do you wanna know about my personal experience? I met Ms. Drama Queen, I met Ms. Shallow, I met Ms. No Brains, I met Ms. Cheating! … And believe it or not, I got an extended list that I don’t want to share!

So, girls.. stop broadcasting stupid things, specially when it comes to relationships!



I’m currently stuck in a training course for the whole week! I feel bored and sleepy… and I need your suggestions to kill time… HELP!