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إعلان مسرحية زين و الوحش


المسرحية ابتداءا من أول أيام عيد الفطر في صالة التزلج – الكويت 
للحجز 90007773 90007774

George Michael: White Light official video released

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George Michael’s “White Light” trailer revealed

George Michael himself has just revealed the trailer of his upcoming “White Light” release through his twitter page.. below is the video – featuring Kate Moss


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Mazaj elyom: En ya7remona


Old is gold: Shwayekh min arth maknas


I remember this when I was a little kid, a song from the golden age… the song is a very well known one, but this time “Rajaa’ Mohammed” is singing. An appearance of most of the golden age actors and actresses in Kuwait. Ordered as they have appeared in the video:

  • Ghanim Al.Salih
  • Ibrahim Al.Harbi
  • Ibrahim Al.Sallal
  • Taiba Al.faraj
  • Jassim Al.Nabhan
  • Taiba Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Al.Mansour
  • Mee’ad Awwad
  • Hayat Al.fahad
  • Ahmad Al.Saleh
  • Maryam Al.Saleh

Mazaj elYoum

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I LIKE: True Faith – George Michael



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On The Floor – JLo

since sharing is caring I wanted to share it with you guys ENJOY
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عفوا… ستايل حمود ناصر… ؟

ستايلك… يذبحني :)



معلومة أخيرة… تدرون منو شقيق الفنان حمود ناصر؟


سعود الورع… مذيع قناة سكوب

Zain releases 12 songs for National celebrations

Zain (Mobile telecommunications company) has recently released a musical album including 12 national songs celebrating Kuwait’s 50 independence & 20th liberation anniversaries.

Below are the FOUR released videos, there are more to come:

And my favorite…

Click here to download the 12 tracks from Zain Kuwait website