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Back To The Future, False prediction

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Couldn’t stop laughing! This is an amazing IRON MAN Parody video done by Patrick Boivin, featurting his own kid… Enjoy!

IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Exclusive rare video: don’t get me wrong!


Thanks Abdulmohsen for the video

Review : Prince of Persia



Based on a video game Disney Produced this adventure movie but i have to say that they don’t know nothing about Persia’s History!! they are so confused with the Islamic empire and that shows so clear in the castles and buildings and you can hear arabic words in the background  .. and also like any other amarican movie they have to show the one arabic character as greedy race gambler who don’t like to pay taxes! i mean was there any taxes at that time??? 

other than that it was and funny movie if your taking your kids too .. cause of the animation and visual effect ..

I personally rate it ,, 4.5/10 

video game

Review : Dear John


The movie starts in spring 2001. A soldier named John Tyree (Channing Tatum) falls in love with college student Savannah Cutis (Amanda Seyfried) while on break. Within the space of two weeks they fall madly in love with each other (!). But he has to go off to war and she has to go to college. They do but keep in touch by writing to each other. Then 9/11 happens. He wants to reenlist–she wants him to stay home. What will they do? 

Hysterically bad romantic drama. The leads ARE attractive–Tatum is certainly a handsome man with beautiful green eyes and a hot body (he’s introduced walking shirtless out of the water after surfing)…but he can’t act. Seyfried is a beautiful woman and she tries…but the dialogue here is horrible. When I saw it me and a friend of mine were fighting hard NOT to laugh out loud at some of the “romantic” dialogue at the beginning. It was just HORRIBLE. For the first hour or so I was either bored by the ridiculously predictable drama or amused by the horrendous “romance”. Then, after that first hour, tragedy kicks in and, I must admit, had me in tears. However the filmmakers go out of their way to make sure that you’re crying with death, funerals and meetings with people breaking down in tears. How can you NOT cry? This would have worked if the acting were better. Tatum’s face never changes expression–not ONCE! He always had a blank look on his face. Seyfried was a LITTLE better but not much. To make it worse Tatum and Seyfried had no sexual chemistry on screen at all! They barely looked like they liked each other let alone love each other. There was some beautiful photography of the Carolinas but this is a boring and stupid romantic “drama”. A 1 all the way…and I usually love silly romantic dramas like this!

one last thing: Never watch a movie in Kuwaiti Cinemas !

Avatared myself!

I don’t know where my AVATAR addiction is taking me… and the image above is the last thing I have done; I AVATRED myself… shraykom!? :P

مين….سي لطفي؟

Disney’s Princesses gone wild



The Decade in Seven Minutes

Reese Witherspoon