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GUST’s Best of Kuwait

On November 24, GUST’s MBA students led by Dr. John Hayes hosted the event Best of Kuwait at the GUST Theater. The event was based on research done by the students to find out which organizations are the best in their category.

The MBA students were divided into six teams. The teams were then given specified categories in which to research. They thoroughly researched their respective categories which included: day spas, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Kuwaiti food, cupcakes and mobile phone services. The students interviewed clients and staff of different organizations in their category. They tried, tasted and experienced the services they were evaluating first-hand and assessed a variety of data before selecting which organization they deemed the “best.” It took the students a month to develop the project.

check me out ! am the 6th from left ^.^

The students framed their research in the context of what international organizations used to rate each corporation. They included demographic criteria, atmosphere, variety and quality of products or services and personal interactions.

The teams presented the audience at the event with all the competing businesses as the finalists for each project. After which, they revealed their list of what’s Best of Kuwait:

·      Best Chinese restaurant: P.F Chang’s

·      Best Day Spa: Spa Time

·      Best Cupcakes: Juju’s Cupcakes

·      Best Japanese restaurant: Maki

·      Best Kuwait food: Bait Dickson

·      Best mobile phone services: Zain

Each team gave out samples from the winning companies for the audience to try out.

“The students presented their own category using multimedia techniques,” explained Professor John Hayes, who teaches the students business communications, “After the presentations, I asked the audience to help me critique the team performances. It was a good way to help MBAs perfect their presentation skills and have some fun in the process.”

Samantha Hogg, who was part of the team who researched the best of Chinese restaurants, said that “the presentations helped us develop our communication skills, which is vital for our success in our MBA courses.”

KoutBo6 event

احتفل موقع كوت بو سته في الذكرى العاشرة لتأسيس الموقع في فندق JW Marriott بالاضافة الى تكريم اللعبين الفائزين في البطولات الرمضانية ، كما تم الاعلان عن احدث التطورات في الموقع وتطوير لعبة الكوت على اجهزة iPhone

ألقى كلمة الافتتاح مدير العلاقات العامة في موقع كوت بو سته، حمد المرزوق وقال: “اليوم هو يوم خاص لكل رواد موقع كوت بو سته وهو الذكرى العاشرة لتأسيس موقع كوت بو سته، هذا الموقع الذي تطور على مر السنين بجهود كويتية خالصة، واستطاع ان يرفع علم الكويت عاليا في المحافل العربية والدولية من خلل تحقيقه لجوائز عديدة، موقع يفتخر به كل كويتي وكويتية لما حققه من انجازات على مر السنين، موقع حصل على جائزة الكويت الالكترونية وحظي بتكريم من صاحب السمو امير البلد الشيخ صباح الاحمد الصباح كأفضل مشروع الكتروني ترفيهي في الكويت لعام 2009 ، موقع استطاع ان يحيي تراثنا وينقله للعالم من خلل شبكة الانترنت، موقع يمضي به الشباب والشابات، الرجال والنساء اجمل اوقاتهم للترفيه عن انفسهم مع احبائهم، موقع يجمع كل اطياف المجتمع الكويتي والخليجي ليكون بمثابة الديوانية الكبيرة التي تجمعهم.” Read more

1001 Inventions

For a thousand years, Muslim civilisation stretched from southern Spain as far as China. From the 7th century onwards, scholars of many faiths built on the ancient knowledge of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, making breakthroughs that paved the way for the Renaissance.

The discoveries made by men and women in Muslim civilisation have left their mark on the way we live today. 1001 Inventions uncovers a thousand years of science and technology that had a huge but hidden impact on the modern world.

TRAILER FILM: Click here and learn about 1001 Inventions.

EXHIBITION: Click here for information on the 1001 Inventions Exhibition (Science Museum, London).

BOOK: Click here and order your copy of the 1001 Inventions book.

small to BIG

Got a business? is it small? You want to get it bigger but you lack the tools to do so? VIVA got then ready for you. A wonderful CSR initiative taken by VIVA to embrace your ambitions and help you develop your business knowledge and skills. My fellow bloggers have previously written about “small to BIG”, but the uniqueness of this initiative makes is it a must to write about, taking into consideration the increasing number of  Kuwaiti small businesses.

Initiative and registration details are on Seats are limited, so hurry up!

Exclusive: Augmented Reality in Zain City

An Augmented reality application was spotted yesterday in FUN CLUB booth in Zain City exhibition. A computer program reads a printed marker and generates an embedded 3D model (or any type of media) over that marker in compliance to its dimensions! Zain presented that technology as a “future-feature” of some services to introduced to the market in the not-so-far future.

Below is a video of the Zain City “Augmented Reality” application; I loved the part where they used the 3D model of Zain’s booth in the exhibition!! Enjoy…


Zain City

Zain’s yearly exhibition will start on April 22nd. Huge sales and offers on Zain’s products and services, discounts, surprises, and new technologies. The exhibition will take place in Mishref Fairground, Hall #8. Don’t miss it :)