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Diet Care: Lose your belly fat in few simple steps..

I figured out that I’m doing the exact opposite of everything Dietitian Ms. Sarah Demashkieh has recommended in the upcoming video! I smoke, stressed most of the time, living on small but calorie-rich food portions.. and would never eat if it wasn’t infront of the TV

shame on you Nasser.. shame on you..

Time for some change :) gotta drop this Jelly Belly

The Avenues Phase III tour

I was invited last Saturday with some of my fellow bloggers to have a walkthrough in the Avenues Mall phase III…and I gotta say this, this is big and is really awesome! This will turn the concept of local tourism upside-down and will definitely attract visitors to come and shop in Kuwait… and this is only “Phase III” :)

As we’ve been informed by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati (PR & Marketing manager) that phase III will match in size both Phases I & II, will have 400 different stores, 5000 car parkings.. and the most interesting part was that “Phases IV & V” will follow! A soft opening is expected in mid Sept 2012… can’t wait to check it out again.

So, let’s begin our tour :)

Here is where we’ve been briefed about the current and upcoming expansions by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati:

Moving to the Grand Avenue, which is a long walk like “Solidere” with palms and stores on both sides, somehow it also reminded of Dubai’s walk aka “The Walk”.

After taking a walk in the grand avenue, we turned right to go to the “Prestige area”, this is where you guys are – willingly- going to surrender to the shopping desires of your wives *bankrupt alert* :p

Getting back to the Grand avenue and taking the other side, to reach to “SoKu; South of Kuwait” which will be “the youth area” to include lots of cafes and some brand names favored by the youth.

“Souk”… my favorite :) giving the sense of “Souk Almubarakiya”.. a Job well done by The Avenues combining the cultural essence into modern architecture. You can see the old styled ceilings (Chandal wela Danchal? :P )

The Mall.. and the Bazaar below, including lots of cafes, restaurants, stores, and a huge fountain that will take water up’n'down between both the Mall and the Bazaar.. bleeh, I don’t know how to describe this! it’s just amazing!

I’ll call this area “The Semi-Outdoor”. Remember where Café Blanc used to be? It will re-open again in along with more and more restaurants and cafes. But guess what, the whole area will be covered and air-conditioned.. sweeeet :twisted:

A one of a kind walkthrough, witnessing an upcoming “icon” that will shine soon gave me the feeling that Kuwait will rise-up again to be “Durrat elkhaleej”. Special thanks to Mr. Rashid Al.Haroun, Mr. Abdullah Al.Baddah, Ms. Alia Al.Ghunaim, & Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati for a wonderful day that gave me hope of a better Kuwait and a brighter “Cultural & Economical” future.

Here’s the video that has been displayed during the brief

N.O Collection is back again

Are you into Jewels?

Then you should know that N.O Collection is now back with a new set of Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Choose what you like from the collection and have it delivered to you.

For details and information:

SMS: 69990188
Twitter: @NOCollection

I would say, that I mostly post about tech stuff, gadgets, movies..etc, but I also believe that supporting local small businesses is a must. Wishing all the best to N.O Collection and to all other small businesses.



What to wear? How to wear?

A new blog rocks K-Town in a fashionable way, Gris Agency blog. The guys over there definitely have a mission fixing the fashion crisis Kuwait is going through :P

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.

Jump to Gris Agency

Al.Gayla with Talal & Mic

A week a go I received a kind invitation from my dear friend Mic Embalta3 to Al.Gayla’s press conference in Lenotre. As always.. I got there late, and I was really surprised seeing my Camera turned on; no battery :|

Anyway, Al.Gayla is the first radio show to be run and organized by a private firm (Senyar MB) as Mr. Khalid Al.Roudan announced during the conference, and is to be presented by Talal Al.Yagout and Mic Embalta3 on Kuwait radio station. They’ve talked about the diversity of topics they will cover during the show, and I was really happy knowing that they welcome bloggers input into the show! WOW! This is new, and very creative :)

Wish you all the best dear friends :)

Thanks to 7ajidude for the pics


Eid Mubarak

Born To Be Wild – ولد ليعيش

I have received a kind invitation from both Mr. Nawaf Al.Rudaini & Mr. Mijbil Al.Mutawa to attend the premiere show of “Born To Be Wild – 3D” in the iMax theatre, in Scientific Center – Kuwait. The movie tells the story of wild life animals, elephants and monkeys in specific, after losing their mothers in random hunting and how two scientist women have dedicated their lives to care of these baby animals.

The movie is produced by Warner Bros & iMax, and will have it’s exclusive middle-eastern release here in Kuwait, exclusively in the Scientific center starting this Eid. It is highly recommended not to miss this movie! below is the movie trailer:

Official press release:

المركز العلمي يدشن فيلماً جديداً في عيد الفطر

سيكون عشاق الشاشة العملاقة في المركز العلمي التابع لمؤسسة الكويت للتقدم العلمي على موعد مع أحدث أفلام آي ماكس بالبعد الثلاثي ، و هو فيلم “وُلِد ليعيش” و ذلك ابتداءً من أول أيام عيد الفطر السعيد ، هذا ما أعلن عنه رئيس مجلس الإدارة و العضو المنتدب للمركز العلمي مجبل سليمان المطوع.

حيث صرح المطوع بأن الفيلم هو من أحدث أفلام آي ماكس ، و يأخذ المشاهد إلى غابات كينيا و جزيرة بورنيو في شرق آسيا ليسلط الضوء على الفرصة الثانية التي حصلت عليها الفيلة و القردة.

وُلِد ليعيش” يحكي قصة عالمتين كرستا حياتهما للعناية بأيتام الفيلة و القردة بعد صيد و مقتل أمهاتهم.  حيث تعتني الدكتورة بيروتي جالديكاس بصغار القردة في جزيرة بورنيو ، بينما تعتني الدكتورة دافني شيلدرك بصغار الفيلة في غابات كينيا.  حيث قامت كل منهما بإنشاء ملاجئ متكاملة لهذه الغاية ، تقومان مع طاقم العمل بجلب أيتام الفيلة و القردة إلى هذه الملاجئ و توفير كل سبل الراحة و الأمان لها.  و بعدها يتم نقلها إلى ملجأ آخر لتتعايش فيه مع فيلة و قردة أكبر منها و للتعلم كيفية العيش في البرية ، حتى تحين لحظة عودتها للبرية مرة أخرى.

وُلِد ليعيش” يجسد الإلهام الناشئ عن العلاقة المتينة بين الإنسان و الحيوان.  و يحمل رسالة غاية في الأهمية ، و هي للمحافظة على الكائنات المختلفة.

علماً بأن جميع عروض آي ماكس خلال عطلة عيد الفطر السعيد حتى يوم السبت الموافق 3 سبتمبر ستكون للفيلم الجديد “وُلِد ليعيش“. و يمكن لزوار المركز العلمي حجز تذاكرهم لمشاهدة فيلم “وُلِد ليعيش” أو أي من المرافق الأخرى عبر موقع المركز العلمي على شبكة الانترنت أو الاستفسار على 888 848 1

Pictures from the event:

VIVA Bloggers Ghabga

I have received a kind invitation from VIVA to their bloggers Ghabga last Thursday. It may be late to post about this, but I’m posting this now as I have just restored my blog. I have absolutely loved the warm atmosphere and the amazing branding of the Six Palms tent at Marina hotel. Many of my fellow bloggers attended the event and enjoyed meeting each others, as well as the amazing Mic Embalta3! Very professional and funny.

Not to mention that VIVA was very kind to provide us with an amazing gift; The New Huawei Android and a gergean bag. I have personally wished to meet with Mr. Salman Al.Badran, VIVA’s CEO, a man whom you would definitely want to meet and learn from. elyayaat akthar enshalla ;D

Thank you VIVA, and special thanks to May Al.Subaei, Mohammed Yaqoub, and Abdulrazaq Al.Eissa.

It’s time to CRUSH IT!

Yes, it’s the perfect time to learn how and to actually start and grow your social media using strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven by experts. An introduction to this challenge was hosted last week by Zain, and is sponsored by Burgan Bank, Zain, Cinescape, and of course is organized and managed by Al-Zanki enterprises. I  had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Khalid Al-Zanki, Mrs. Hind Al-Nahedh, the wonderful social media & PR management from Burgan Bank, and my friends from Zain, as well as a group of my fellow bloggers, and I could tell how excited they were about this challenge.

The “Crush it” series of events will end with a seminar to be presented by “Gary Vaynerchuk”, who became an online celebrity having more than 850,000 twitter followers, and the author of “Crush It” the book. I may have nothing to add to what my fellow bloggers have posted about Crush It, but if you’re a blogger.. you should not miss registering to the “Exclusive Bloggers Circle”.. register now, and crush the challenge :)

To register for “The Bloggers Circle” (Exclusive for bloggers): Here
To register for the “Crush It” free challenge 

Sponsors and organizers:



Danderma & AlZemami book signing @ 52Degrees



Our dear fellow blogger Danderma, and my dear friend Hamad Alzemami, are both having a book signing session in 52 Degrees. My recommendation? go grab your book copy from those wonderful people and get it signed. below is where and when.



Note: Hamad Alzemami’s picture was taken by Aziz Johar Hayat (flickr)