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Reunited after 21 years…

I’m sure you have heard stories about people reuniting after being away for years, but this time it’s my story…

Khalil was my childhood friend since we were 6 years old till the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait, and I haven’t heard from him since then. We used to live in the same complex in Salmiya back then, we grew up together, went to school together, had the same interests, collected postal stamps together, assembled LEGO cars and planes, collected Thundercats action figures… we have even had that crazy thought of “building a robot”, all because of the influence of “Sanshiro” cartoon series lol…

Throughout the years I tried to reach to him, I have also contacted “Majed” magazine asking for their help finding my best childhood friend!! but with no use. Few months back, while I was reorganizing my “postal stamps collection” which I started collecting along with Khalil, he came to my mind, and with my laptop next to me, I ran a search on facebook.. and there he was!! God!! what am I supposed to send him? how do I say it’s me Nasser! Does he remember me?.. I sent him a message asking if he was the Khalil I knew.. and waited for his reply for 4 months.. see below

Just gave him a call, but he didn’t pickup  :P I miss you buddy.. :)

إلعبها غير – @WesalMediaTeam

يسر فريق وصال الإعلامي ان يقدم لكم المسرحية الاستعراضيه الهادفه إلعـبـها غـيـر 

من هو فريق وصال الإعلامي

فريق شبابي من عمر 16سنة الى 26 يعكس الفئات المهمة (ثانوي- جامعة -حديثات التخرج ) بإنسجام تنمحي معه أي فروق عمرية و يظل الأداء المتميز و القلب النابض هو معيار المسؤولية و الإختيار بين العضوات يسعى لتقديم أعمال إعلامية هادفة ذات مستوى راقي من الطرح باستغلال طاقات ومواهب شبابية 100% نؤمن بأن للشباب طاقات هائلة و مؤثرة ترقى بالمجتمع

نعمل تحت مظلة مركز العمل التطوعي الكويتي كأحد الفرق التابعة له
وصال … إعلام ينبض شبابا … وصال إعلام غير 

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Q Cafe restaurant

A kind invitation that I have received from Ms. Arwa Behbehani to a bloggers night at Q Cafe restaurant at The Village. The way I see it, simplicity is a key comfort factor for any restaurant which is missed by many of the newly opened ones. Yes, Q Cafe is now definitely one of my “fav-listed” comfort places in which I can have great food and enjoy the  lovely atmosphere.

The food, desserts, and beverages menus were rich of whatever you might like; “What’s so special here?” a question that popped into the mind of my cousin who joined me yesterday.. It’s those special food recipes of an ordinary dish.. Oh yes! the fries! You have to try the “sprinkled fries”! The very first moment I had one of those, I asked Ms. Arwa about the flavor, and how “NEW” it was. They do actually have a mix of herbs that they sprinkle over the fries which gives the special taste! the same thing goes for the rest of the menu, but with other kinds or special additions, flavors,.. and magical touches! :) Also to mention, the food was fairly rated.

The Avenues Phase III tour

I was invited last Saturday with some of my fellow bloggers to have a walkthrough in the Avenues Mall phase III…and I gotta say this, this is big and is really awesome! This will turn the concept of local tourism upside-down and will definitely attract visitors to come and shop in Kuwait… and this is only “Phase III” :)

As we’ve been informed by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati (PR & Marketing manager) that phase III will match in size both Phases I & II, will have 400 different stores, 5000 car parkings.. and the most interesting part was that “Phases IV & V” will follow! A soft opening is expected in mid Sept 2012… can’t wait to check it out again.

So, let’s begin our tour :)

Here is where we’ve been briefed about the current and upcoming expansions by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati:

Moving to the Grand Avenue, which is a long walk like “Solidere” with palms and stores on both sides, somehow it also reminded of Dubai’s walk aka “The Walk”.

After taking a walk in the grand avenue, we turned right to go to the “Prestige area”, this is where you guys are – willingly- going to surrender to the shopping desires of your wives *bankrupt alert* :p

Getting back to the Grand avenue and taking the other side, to reach to “SoKu; South of Kuwait” which will be “the youth area” to include lots of cafes and some brand names favored by the youth.

“Souk”… my favorite :) giving the sense of “Souk Almubarakiya”.. a Job well done by The Avenues combining the cultural essence into modern architecture. You can see the old styled ceilings (Chandal wela Danchal? :P )

The Mall.. and the Bazaar below, including lots of cafes, restaurants, stores, and a huge fountain that will take water up’n'down between both the Mall and the Bazaar.. bleeh, I don’t know how to describe this! it’s just amazing!

I’ll call this area “The Semi-Outdoor”. Remember where Café Blanc used to be? It will re-open again in along with more and more restaurants and cafes. But guess what, the whole area will be covered and air-conditioned.. sweeeet :twisted:

A one of a kind walkthrough, witnessing an upcoming “icon” that will shine soon gave me the feeling that Kuwait will rise-up again to be “Durrat elkhaleej”. Special thanks to Mr. Rashid Al.Haroun, Mr. Abdullah Al.Baddah, Ms. Alia Al.Ghunaim, & Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati for a wonderful day that gave me hope of a better Kuwait and a brighter “Cultural & Economical” future.

Here’s the video that has been displayed during the brief

Zain Kuwait Flashmob

The last two weeks were so interesting, waiting for the official falshmob video to be released by Zain. Being in the Avenues mall when it first happened gave me the chance to take a full video, which by the way reached the top 10 trending videos on YouTube and passed 533,000 views (up to the date of this post).

That actually reminds me of what @KhalidAlzanki always says: “Content is King, Marketing is the Queen“, the content was unique (not the idea of the flashmob itself, but being the 1st in Kuwait is unique!), and the way it was marketed and pushed through social media made those tremendous statistics.

I’ll leave you to watch the two versions, the one I shot, and the official one released by Zain. Enjoy! :)

My version:

Official release from Zain

Will “Mobily” become the 4th telecom operator in Kuwait?


You may have read it allover the news, but it is NOT TRUE. Then what’s the deal? The deal is that MOC (Ministry of communications) have signed a contract with SA Mobily operator (Subsidiary of the UAE Etisalat) and to be linked via “cable”… providing a closer, and more reliable international services carrier other than those in Dubai carrying Kuwait’s international communications.

I’m sorry folks, so the answer to the post title is NO :)

N.O Collection is back again

Are you into Jewels?

Then you should know that N.O Collection is now back with a new set of Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Choose what you like from the collection and have it delivered to you.

For details and information:

SMS: 69990188
Twitter: @NOCollection

I would say, that I mostly post about tech stuff, gadgets, movies..etc, but I also believe that supporting local small businesses is a must. Wishing all the best to N.O Collection and to all other small businesses.



What to wear? How to wear?

A new blog rocks K-Town in a fashionable way, Gris Agency blog. The guys over there definitely have a mission fixing the fashion crisis Kuwait is going through :P

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.

Jump to Gris Agency

Two weeks later…

The two weeks were so hectic to the extent that I could even post about anything. Where do I start? 


The little brave boy you have already read about.. bloggers, including me, were so busy looking for a sponsorship for the little man’s surgery.. I loved how energized and organized we were, and thanks to Allah, he was sponsored anonymously. I’d give the greatest gratitude to my sisters: Q8Rain & Iyaa (for being proactive to organize the giving initiative), Dudette from 7ajidude (For posting about Abdulkareem and the kids at NBK hospital), and Danderma (for taking the action to alert almost all bloggers about Abdulkareem’s story). Girls, We’re so proud of you.. I’m so proud of all my fellow bloggers… Thanks to Dr.Sajed Al.Abdali (@DrSajed) and Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain) for retweeting my post about Abdulkareem.

BlackBerry outage…

As some of you may know, I work in a telecom company, and being part of a team that confronts complaints and works them out as well as measuring social trends and alerting concerned departments & divisions. I won’t be giving details about the nature of my work, but you can never imagine how an outage of simple service like BlackBerry messaging  could generate such rage!

My Project…

Something big is in the making.. been working on this project since before Ramadan. This project, will be my one and only masterpiece, and let’s hope that it works as planned.. wish me luck!

Old is gold: A7mad ra7 el7adiqa

Remember this? You won’t if you were born later than 1988 I guess.. does any one know which year was that video?

Youtube link