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Reptiles Q8 E-Magazine is a new e-magazine specialized in topics related to reptiles, with lots of interesting information and pictures.. like I have just learned that the world’s smallest reptile is a 2.9cm lizard! Best of luck for the the founder of this Mag, drop him a visit please and take a look at the 1st issue of ReptilesQ8 magazine

Best Chef competitions at @BestAlyousifi

A kind invitation that I have received from our dear fellow blogger PinkGirlQ8 for a cooking competition held by Best Al.Yousifi. I was real fun and enlightening at the same time, where we had the chance to know lots of new cooking machines with amazing features offered by Best Al.Yousifi, and use them at the same time for our competitions… and I gotta get that sexy pizza maker!

I couldn’t get nice shots since I was really busy making the worst pizza DOUGH ever.. :p

For shots & a videos:

A big thank you for Best Al.Yousifi & PinkGirlQ8 for the wonderful event.

For Offers, Promotions and News from Best Al.Yousifi follow them on Twitter & Instagram: @BestAlyousifi

@WHITExpo : Three white hearts granting wishes…


It’s not just another expo, the concept here is different. We all appreciate that small-biz expos support local businesses in a way or another… but I have fallen in love with the concept introduced by WHITExpo; The “Make A Wish tree”, inspired by the orphans, carrying the wishes of all those in need.. This is truly amazing!

The WHITExpo is created and managed by three WHITE hearted sisters, Shaikha, May & Mariam Al.Hajeri who wanted to make a difference and have organized four events so far:

  • Ramadan 2009 in a family hall
  • Ramadan 2010 in Mall 360
  • WHITExpo Kids march 2010
  • Ramadan 2011 in Mall 360

So, It’s not only about giving exposure to the newly started home businesses, it’s also about making a difference in the lives of those who can only dream.. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

The upcoming WHITExpo event will be held on Ramadan 7th to 10th at Mall 360, be there to have the chance to grant some wishes as the “Make A Wish” tree will be there, and it will be dedicated to the orphans once again.

Follow @WHITExpo on twitter for more news and details about the expo

Reunited after 21 years…

I’m sure you have heard stories about people reuniting after being away for years, but this time it’s my story…

Khalil was my childhood friend since we were 6 years old till the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait, and I haven’t heard from him since then. We used to live in the same complex in Salmiya back then, we grew up together, went to school together, had the same interests, collected postal stamps together, assembled LEGO cars and planes, collected Thundercats action figures… we have even had that crazy thought of “building a robot”, all because of the influence of “Sanshiro” cartoon series lol…

Throughout the years I tried to reach to him, I have also contacted “Majed” magazine asking for their help finding my best childhood friend!! but with no use. Few months back, while I was reorganizing my “postal stamps collection” which I started collecting along with Khalil, he came to my mind, and with my laptop next to me, I ran a search on facebook.. and there he was!! God!! what am I supposed to send him? how do I say it’s me Nasser! Does he remember me?.. I sent him a message asking if he was the Khalil I knew.. and waited for his reply for 4 months.. see below

Just gave him a call, but he didn’t pickup  :P I miss you buddy.. :)

إلعبها غير – @WesalMediaTeam

يسر فريق وصال الإعلامي ان يقدم لكم المسرحية الاستعراضيه الهادفه إلعـبـها غـيـر 

من هو فريق وصال الإعلامي

فريق شبابي من عمر 16سنة الى 26 يعكس الفئات المهمة (ثانوي- جامعة -حديثات التخرج ) بإنسجام تنمحي معه أي فروق عمرية و يظل الأداء المتميز و القلب النابض هو معيار المسؤولية و الإختيار بين العضوات يسعى لتقديم أعمال إعلامية هادفة ذات مستوى راقي من الطرح باستغلال طاقات ومواهب شبابية 100% نؤمن بأن للشباب طاقات هائلة و مؤثرة ترقى بالمجتمع

نعمل تحت مظلة مركز العمل التطوعي الكويتي كأحد الفرق التابعة له
وصال … إعلام ينبض شبابا … وصال إعلام غير 

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Q Cafe restaurant

A kind invitation that I have received from Ms. Arwa Behbehani to a bloggers night at Q Cafe restaurant at The Village. The way I see it, simplicity is a key comfort factor for any restaurant which is missed by many of the newly opened ones. Yes, Q Cafe is now definitely one of my “fav-listed” comfort places in which I can have great food and enjoy the  lovely atmosphere.

The food, desserts, and beverages menus were rich of whatever you might like; “What’s so special here?” a question that popped into the mind of my cousin who joined me yesterday.. It’s those special food recipes of an ordinary dish.. Oh yes! the fries! You have to try the “sprinkled fries”! The very first moment I had one of those, I asked Ms. Arwa about the flavor, and how “NEW” it was. They do actually have a mix of herbs that they sprinkle over the fries which gives the special taste! the same thing goes for the rest of the menu, but with other kinds or special additions, flavors,.. and magical touches! :) Also to mention, the food was fairly rated.

Recent changes on facebook

I have tried the recently announced changes on facebook user homepage. At first sight, you will definitely get confused unless you follow a graphical guide you’ll find at the top of the home page. But, after reviewing and actually using these updates, I found them very useful, smooth, and easy to use.


1- Updates time line:

A dynamic timeline that loads the “twitter way” showing recent updates at the top. This timeline will show at the top right side for your facebook homepage. Below is a screen shot of hovering an update, and getting its details displayed:

2- Custom lists:

Have ever wanted to list your friends into limited access, close friends, workmates, family members..etc to view updates from that specific list? As well as targeting them with specific status updates or walls posts? facebook custom lists now give you this feature. Below are two screen shots I have taken while creating a list for friends interested in receiving Blog37 updates.



3- Top Stories marking

Yes, you can mark stories in the timeline to be Top Stories showing always at the top of the page. Some stories will be initially marked as Top stories, I’m not sure on what basis, but I think it’s based on the level of people interaction with that specific post/article/story. Below is a screen shot of how to set a recent story into a top story, on your own feed!


Official video released by facebook below…

YouTube link

DOWA: 1st online pharmacy in Kuwait

Click to enlarge


I received a tweet from a friend informing me about this new online pharmacy, DOWA, the first online pharmacy in Kuwait. To be honest, two questions popped into my mind, and I was really happy to find the answers in DOWA’s FAQs section:

This is enough for anyone to consider really trustworthy. Good luck guys :)


Website link:
Twitter: @DowaCo


Thanks Mohammed Ashkanani

Twitter introduces Web Analytics

Twitter has announced two days ago the new Web Analytics, a tool that helps website owners to understand how much traffic is driven from twitter to their sites as well as how much of their website content is being shared over twitter. Analysis also include the effectiveness of their lately launched “Follow button“. The new tool is to be launched within the few upcoming weeks.

Source: Twitter Dev Blog

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