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Crocs: now open in Mubarkiya

CROCS successfully opened its 7th store located in Souk Al Mubarkiya on June 11, 2012, a branch that is of great sentimental value to Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa Commercial Co. Back in the 1930’s, the late Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa had opened his very first trading location, which specialized in food products and textiles, in this specific branch at Souk Al Mubarkiya. Over 70 years later, the legacy lives on as the store has been transformed to operate the CROCS brand.

Today, the CROCS store is flourishing with life reflecting the blend of history with modernity, and bringing a ray of light to Souk Al Mubarkiya with its vibrant colors and styles. It is a microcosm of Kuwait today; bridging the gap between development, modernity, and local culture and tradition. CROCS’ new store blends in with this ambience, balancing the present with the past, as it preserves the souq’s traditional exterior architecture, and portrays contemporary twenty-first century modernity in its interior.  

CROCS’ expansion into this strategic location illustrates the bond between the past, present and future, which holds an inordinate significance to Kuwait, and Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa Commercial Co. To learn more about Crocs visit , or call Crocs Mubarkiya at 22461823.

Hotline 1804449 

I will drop a visit to the new Crocs store for a full review, soon! stay tuned :)

The new Nike Store – Al.Bedaa

I wrote in my previous post about the invitation I have received for the opening of the new Nike store in Al.Bedaa, and I was lucky enough not to miss it :) I came late as usual and missed the outdoor event, as I was looking for a place to park my car in. The store is the 5th in Kuwait and is literally “awesome”; two floors full of the usual cool stuff for men & women.

I took a tour around the store and took some shots, here they are :)

A self portrait that I have taken, wearing the T-shirt I got with the invitation :)

From the outside, the store is in Al.Bedaa next to T.G.I Fridays

Yeah.. My favorite corner <3

Lots & lots of cools things

The Guest log.. Wish you guys all the best 

Stay updated with @NikeStoreKuwait on Twitter & Instagram

Thanks to the friendly guys from Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co for the invitation and the wonderful event :)

N.O Collection is back again

Are you into Jewels?

Then you should know that N.O Collection is now back with a new set of Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Choose what you like from the collection and have it delivered to you.

For details and information:

SMS: 69990188
Twitter: @NOCollection

I would say, that I mostly post about tech stuff, gadgets, movies..etc, but I also believe that supporting local small businesses is a must. Wishing all the best to N.O Collection and to all other small businesses.




It’s not of my habbits to follow up with fashion or clothing news (Jeans, Tshirt, and sneakers are just fine for me!). But those FootzyRolls are really interesting (for women!). They are completely rollable and foldable shoes… and they are available in Kuwait.


Get your FootzyRolls at an introductory price of 10 KD exclusively at (They are re-openning soon) visit this website for ordering and contact details: HERE

Run away with this new Carousel dress

A beautiful young woman wearing a carousel dress running on the green grass.. with an amazing mountain view behind.. She falls down.. lays on her back and stares at the blue sky… it’s a dream.. a sweet dream.

My Second Floor boutique keeps on getting those new and amazing women clothes.. I bet that Abdullah from p0ach would scream “HAAAAWWT” out loud when he sees this new carousel dress with those nice rose prints.

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GIRLS! Go to their website and get that dress..

Show your feminine side .. :P