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Shahad.. the other side!

Yeah I know it’s been a very long time, and this is not my first time to suddenly disappear and comeback again. Anyway.. I was looking for Fursan almanakh scene “Farkh alkha3fag” when I came across this,, I’m sure you know this girl.. Shahad, actress, singer who appeared in some commercials and many ramadan TV series.

My 1st reaction.. isn’t this shahad? with a mustache???? well.. ladies and gentlemen.. meet Shahad, the other side!

YouTube Link

Central Bank “Shamelessly steals” 4th Ringroad banner!



Cheap… So cheap..!

Update: they’ve removed it! Heh No, They haven’t !

I just burned a copy of Qur’an !!!

  On a CD! LOL



I couldn’t help it… I saw this on website – can’t remember which one- so I had to do it :P Sorry guys


What if Disney owned Marvel comics?



Idiot management?

You can find this Ad in Kuwait Times newspaper – page 33. TODAY!

Send you CV’s ppl!!

Fadia: A new media icon

Found this Ad in Alanba news paper (Today, Page 11)

click on image to enlarge

My last second in 2009

How was your last second in 2009? mine was totally different for sure… and I would dare anyone to do what I did in that second. Probably most of you would think that I’m a freak – sometimes I am- hahaha! I’m always free during weekends and holidays… staying at home, doing absolutely nothing.

But I’m proud to say that I had the chance to do this… taking a screenshot of the last second in counter :P yemkin ana wayed faathi.. check the image below.



I gotta say that 4th Ringroad is one of my favorite blogs.. :)    love you guys