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I like: SMS search service

this is a new service provided for Zain customers. All you gotta do is send a question via sms to 90969, and you will get yout reply within minutes.

Copying ideas: The lame way

Can anyone explain this?

Wataniya’s credit transfer Ad in todays newspapers:

And MTC-Touch credit transfer ad (launched Dec 2nd 2009)…


First, it was The “captain Hook” campaign (Wink!!).. and now this?

Guys! change your creative agency A.S.A.P!

Steve Jobs by his own creations

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This guy changed the course of comupter/media/internet history! don’t you guys agree?

Via: Online schools

Google’s Superbowl Ad.

Shake it!

This is amazing! I’m not saying what it is.. just take a visit to the link below and then tell me what you think


My Second Floor: Women’s clothing boutique


My Second Floor is a new women’s clothing ONLINE boutique… Each item is handpicked by the founders giving the best selection… and bringing Darimeya exclusively to you! This boutique follows few and selected fashion lines from unique designers in California and London.

My Second Floor website opened recently, so… girls! make a quick jump to their website and pick what suits you! And guess what.. It’s  a Kuwaiti group of people behind this beatiful idea.


iPhone credit card reader Part2


Smart Ads


Hacked stop signs

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Best Zoo Ad!