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Ok, I love cats ever since I was a little girl I used to raise them  ,, few days a go i checked this website looking for a Female Parisian cat but i notices an ad. of someone who is welling to give away cats for adoption , getting thrilled and so i Emailed him . with some questions in my mind and after i told him am willing to adopt a male and a female I got this as an answer!

 I am happy you are happy to take one male and one female. We just relocated to Cameroon where we are currently located due to our new job. so all you will have to afford to pay is the transportation fee to you which will cost you 150kd per cat making a total of 300kd. so if you are willing to pay this fee please get back to me with you full delivery information
Full names
house address
contact  numbers
closest airport
 i will need these information to use in registering the cats at the airport to be delivered to you. so you will have to send the money to the airport here before they transport the cats to you,so they can change the papers to your names and also book a flight for the cats tomorrow morning.

So much for adopting for free  ;p

Site Review :

I have found this nice website today that allows you to show you work and get paid too , or if you want to buy some of the files that have been arranged by their categories . 

  • flash
  • music
  • sounds
  • PSD templates
  • 3D models 
  • video
  • printing 

and much more … sign up is free ، also to make more money you can bid on projects . 

new idea worth to give it a look .


Site Review :

if you love to edit your photos and you are in a rush , or if you are using a PC with no PhotoShop  … this is the site for you .. 

it got ready filter to apply on your pic and premium filters for upgraded accounts …

how to look after GoldFish?

well since i bought 7 goldfishes and only ONE is left, i needed to know

what am i doing wrong??? LOL


How To Look After A Goldfish

Book Review : Time Management


We all know there are only 60 minutes in every hour and 24 hours in a day – so why do some people accomplish so much more with their 24 hours? That’s because they have learned to manage their time better. That’s why I’m sharing my review for Time Management in an Instant by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey. Look ago I learned that my jobs keep me very busy, so learning to manage my time was a necessity. I could get half my work done, or I could learn to get organized and get all the work done. This book shares 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day – below are some of the topics. 

• Assess Your Time Management Skills. 

• Get Out of Time Denial. 

• Achieve Your Goals Every Day. 

• Beware the Stop-Goal. 

• Set Solid and Stretch Goals. 

• Plan Your Daily To-Do’s. 

• Cultivate Time-Efficient Conversations. 

• Break the Rules That Hold You Back. 

• Determine What to Delegate. 

• Give Yourself A Procrastination Inoculation. 

• Take a Real Vacation. 

• Clean Out Your File Drawer. 

• Reorganize Your Filing System. 

• Manage Incoming Calls. 

• Streamline Your Email. 

• Save Time For Your Personal Life. 

These are just a sample of the tips in this book. Did you notice how many of these things require time? Some people may feel that using tips that take time would be wasting time. But, to manage your time, you need to change the way you work, how you file, how you manage your email and phone calls and much more. These tips will let you get organized and that helps you work smarter – not harder. 

For example, if you don’t use an organized filing system, how long does it take you to find a specific memo for Mr Jones? Once you organize your file cabinet and put all correspondence for Mr Jones in one folder – you will be able to find that memo much faster. Filing doesn’t take much time and it allows you to find items much quicker. This is just one simple example of how organize is part of managing your time. 

You will find a wide variety of tips, suggestions, questionnaires, and much more in this time management book. I highly recommend this for any busy person that needs to organize their personal and business life in order to manage their time and their life.


3o’obal 37,000 yrs :D

HBD Nasser


I hope you like the Birthday card i made for you , Careless Whisper

Music Education CDs

[105] And say: “Work (righteousness): soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers

Every year in the school we have a gathering for the music teachers and we present something we worked for either a music pieces played by the kids and proved a full decoration , or as we started to do for couple of years now (Educational Software) to help our fellow music teacher to keep up with the new technology ,, as for my self i made this CD as my contribution and I decorated it and made the special label . 

tell me what do you think about it? ;)  

these are the special ones

these are for the teachers

Fire Downtown


Mujamma3 el9waber


 we hope that there’s no loss of life.

where is Amal???

well .. I was here all the time but wanna show you guys what was I doing for the past 3 weeks …

for those of you who don’t know am a teacher in kinder garden and we have events and so on , and our school was chosen to participate in (alkhurafy educational awards)  and we were asked to do a dance (you’re thinking pretty easy right?) ,,  first we came up with the dance routine and picked up the dress for the girls and we took them to practice with the other schools for 2 weeks it was exhausting for us so imagine how 5 years old feel? not to mention the (natural needs) and the (annoy the teacher needs) .. but even so it was kinda fun because i bonded with the girls and became so close ,, for me it was enough just to hear one of them say : “Miss Amal I love you” .

my girls in the local news papers ... in white dresses

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