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Annie’s homegrown

part of my marketing class requirement is to prepare a project about the macroni and cheese company, its called Annies , basically it talks about the different segments that annie targets to be her customers ,  she targets Kids and working adults because her products and all natural and healthy microwavable packs. my hypothesis  is that she can go for school luachs and make more profits for the institutional market. so I conducted a search in my own school to prove that kids might love to have MAC&Cheese ,, look what i have found ^.^


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Central Bank “Shamelessly steals” 4th Ringroad banner!



Cheap… So cheap..!

Update: they’ve removed it! Heh No, They haven’t !

Social Suicide by Benihana

Being a social media professional, I could swear that Benihana (Japanese restaurant) has “officially” committed a social suicide by filing a lawsuit against one of the most popular bloggers in Kuwait.

As part of my job, I follow comments, posts, tweets, online articles and whatever is related to my company on hourly basis. I always receive good and bad comments, suggestions, ideas..etc. And what Benihana has done is by no means “healthy” for their business reputation.

What Benihana should have done:

1- Contact Mark & Nat and invite them again to Benihana
2- Ask them to highlight and justify whatever they don’t like in the restaurant
3- Offer them a free meal – maybe meals
4- Send an appreciation gift for making Benihana “Get better”

My Advice to Benihana, you now definitely need a PR & Social media consultancy to fix the reputation you have ruined. Congratulations, you have committed your 1st social suicide, if not your commercial one as well.

This statement is copied from their Facebook fan page.. heh! lol

“Dear BENIHANA fans,

At Benihana, we continuously strive to improve our relationships with our guests and our community.  We take any and all customer reviews very seriously and consider them opportunities for improving our operations and making the customer’s BENIHANA experience more unique, authentic, and enjoyable.

Over the last few days, we have read your posts regarding an alleged lawsuit filed by “Benihana” against a blogger based in Kuwait for posting an unfavorable review of a newly-opened, BENIHANA restaurant location in Kuwait.   We hear you and wish to correct any misinformation.” LINK

What Benihana should do, now:

1- Drop the lawsuit
2- Send an official apology to Mark & Nat, and to the potential customers you have lost! “Including me”
3- Fire your PR manager
4- Be more open about comments and “unfavorable reviews”!!

Mark, you got our support!

Read more details on Mark’s blog


Theme change.. ? again?


Every time I change theme I keep it for a short time and then start looking for an alternative… I don’t really get myself when it comes to themes! I feel like changing it every now and then.

So, what do you suggest? totally new theme? do you have any color in mind for us? 3a6oona raykom I LOVE KUWAIT

Our friend, p0ach has published the participants videos of his I LOVE KUWAIT competition. Aziz, Khalid, Dhari, Lujain, and the amazing Um-Ra3ad! Watch the “I LOVE KUWAIT” videos on and vote for the best one!

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GUST’s Best of Kuwait

On November 24, GUST’s MBA students led by Dr. John Hayes hosted the event Best of Kuwait at the GUST Theater. The event was based on research done by the students to find out which organizations are the best in their category.

The MBA students were divided into six teams. The teams were then given specified categories in which to research. They thoroughly researched their respective categories which included: day spas, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Kuwaiti food, cupcakes and mobile phone services. The students interviewed clients and staff of different organizations in their category. They tried, tasted and experienced the services they were evaluating first-hand and assessed a variety of data before selecting which organization they deemed the “best.” It took the students a month to develop the project.

check me out ! am the 6th from left ^.^

The students framed their research in the context of what international organizations used to rate each corporation. They included demographic criteria, atmosphere, variety and quality of products or services and personal interactions.

The teams presented the audience at the event with all the competing businesses as the finalists for each project. After which, they revealed their list of what’s Best of Kuwait:

·      Best Chinese restaurant: P.F Chang’s

·      Best Day Spa: Spa Time

·      Best Cupcakes: Juju’s Cupcakes

·      Best Japanese restaurant: Maki

·      Best Kuwait food: Bait Dickson

·      Best mobile phone services: Zain

Each team gave out samples from the winning companies for the audience to try out.

“The students presented their own category using multimedia techniques,” explained Professor John Hayes, who teaches the students business communications, “After the presentations, I asked the audience to help me critique the team performances. It was a good way to help MBAs perfect their presentation skills and have some fun in the process.”

Samantha Hogg, who was part of the team who researched the best of Chinese restaurants, said that “the presentations helped us develop our communication skills, which is vital for our success in our MBA courses.”

Love Street

عيدكم مبارك

Online cliques coming soon to Facebook?

At a press event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s three latest features to be rolled out soon that will offer users more control over and transparency about their information.

Designed to solve “the biggest problem in social networking”, the Groups feature will enable users to create groups like family, workmates, or friends with a specific interest, a great way to prevent over-sharing of one’s information. Users within a group can share basic text documents (a text editor called ‘Docs’ which enable basic formatting options is included), managing events, and even having group chats with as many as 250 people at the same time.

While there is an existing feature that permits users to create lists of friends, only five percent of Facebook’s 500 million users actually use it. Moreover, the current feature is a solitary exercise where the user decides which lists will be able to view certain posts, photos or updates, while as Zuckerberg sees it, “Creating groups is a more social exercise. When one user creates a group, all the other members get notified. They can choose to leave, but will more likely engage, and create lists of their own.” (Source: CNN)

With the new “Download Your Information” feature, users will be able to create a zip file of everything they have done on Facebook, since as Zuckerberg said, “It’s our core belief that people should own and be able to control their information in Facebook. We view this as a philosophical thing.” (Source: PCWorld)

Likely in response to criticisms about the privacy invasions of third-party applications such as games and quizzes, Facebook also revealed another new feature – an apps dashboard that will enable users to see what information various applications can access about its users.

Facebook’s new features will no doubt please its users and even privacy advocates, but will Groups be just another way to form cliques and shun the not-so-cool kids?