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No more moody panties!

Our dear friends in moodypanties blog have recently moved to their new spot “Moody’n'Cheeky”! so, is no more… go to instead.

Good luck girls :)

New blog: Chapter Q8


A new blog in K-Town! ChapterQ8 is the blog of three friends talking about miscellaneous interesting topics. Let’s give them out support!

Click HERE to visit Chapter Q8

Top 100 Blogs in Kuwait

Our dear friend Danderma made an Alexa based list of the top 100 blogs in Kuwait. The list includes lots of blogs that I daily read and follow, so it makes sense to (personally). But, since Alexa may be overrated, she has also added a disclaimer to the post; Read it below

A Desclaimer: I believe the Alexa rank is way overrated and is not a real measure of how a blog is popular but it doesn’t hurt to check it every once in a while. Also, if you know of a blog I missed please let me know :)

According to that list, my blog came in the 50th place (Good enough for me! as I was lazy in the past 2 year)..

Top 10, BE CAREFUL! I’m gonna Getchyaaaaa

Read Danderma’s post HERE

Blog37 is now “.com”


It’s been now almost two years and a half since I have started this blog, and I admit that I have faced a lot of ups and downs… But I came lately to realize that Blog37 is my spot.. my only spot on the net! So why not invest on it? So, I have decided to switch from a “.net” to a “.com” domain, which was taken by some Japanese website. I have waited so long for this, and actually, I had to pay much for the domain since it is a “premium domain” (Can’t figure out why!)

Anyway, The old URL ( is still fully functional when it comes to the main page or any old post URL you’re trying to access. The only problem I’m facing is with the RSS feed, which works perfectly on the new “.com” but not on the old “.net”. I’m still expecting some technical issues to come up, so if you face any issue with the blog please let me know.

I’ll update my feed on very soon.

Follow me on twitter for updates: @NasserAlmutawaa
Blog37 on twitter: @Blog37

Blog37 in a new Shape :)


This could be the 4th or 5th time I change the theme of the blog! but this time is how I like it and how I have always wanted it to be! A combination of 2 grades of gray color with black and white, spiced with “lime green”. I’d love to know what you think about the new look, colors, logo..etc.

This theme credit goes to MonoLab (credits at footer) who created the theme, originally. But after all, I have changed it to match the colors and looks I had in mind.. I might also be doing some changes here and there!

Special thanks to Amal, my partner, for reviewing the work and giving her valuable comments and suggestions :D


Tell me what you think about the theme.. hit the comments link on the left ;)

My Pizza Order From Twitter

I love Papa Johns Pizza and for some reason they weren’t delivering to my area but after I followed them on twitter and told them that it was an #opportunity #lost not to include my home to your delivery list , they explained that there will be a new branch near by *yay* ,, the employee and he was so helpful , he took my order in Direct Message ;p


نهاية الإنترنت !



سؤال خطر على بالي اليوم… و فعلا ما لقيت إجابة له

شنو ممكن يحصل إذا انهارت شبكات الانترنت حول العالم

و اختفت جميع البيانات المنشورة فيها دون رجعة؟


أبي إجاباتكم


guess who wants to be my friend?


that’s an indication that all the sophisticated people have left Facebook for good ;( what a shame !
Now it just become a marketing tool for business entrepreneurs, I still miss those games such PetSociety and Poker ;P , my daily statuses was another story I used to count the days if if was waiting for something to happen, and my statuses would be DAY 1, DAY 2, one time I’ve reached day 35! but I realized that some  so called “Friends”  hated that idea & they thought it shortens their lives! *no comment*

so Facebook is officially dead!  tell Us about your memories if you were addicted

Coming soon: Blog37 competition!


I have decided to start a competition for the blog, giving away valuable prizes and gadgets, maybe free subscriptions provided by several companies. The thing is that I still have not decided what kind of competitions should it be? I’m trying to avoid “votes based” competitions… Leave a comment and suggest an idea of a competition.. and who knows! you might be the lucky winner someday!


I already have the support from a company. For other companies to sponsor the competitions and provide their products as giveaways, please contact me here


Waiting for your input!

تغطية ندوة جمعية المعلمين – نستاهل الكادر

حرصا مني على مساندة زملائي و زميلاتي المعلمين قررت الحضور ومشاركة مساء اليوم جمعية المعلمين ندوة بعنوان نستاهل الكادر وقام بالمحاضرة  نواب مجلس الامة هم مخلد العازمي ، حسن جوهر ، جمعان الحربش ، وليد الطبطبائي و بالاضافة النائب السابق عبدالعزيز المطوع

في البداية تحدث النائب مخلد العازمي وقد صرح بأن الكادر هو اول الاختبارات للحكومة الجديدة ، وثم قام رئيس مجلس ادارة الجمعية الاستاذ متعب العتيبي بالحديث و قال ان الوزيزة السابقة موضي الحمود زعلت لما شافت قانون كادر الجمعية فأجابته احدى المعلمات : كيفها ماتشوف شر

ثم فاجئنا الوزير احمد المليفي و استشر الجميع حير من حضوره و مساندته للمعلمين و تحدث عن القرارات الاصلاحية التي ستتم لاول مره بتاريخ الكويت ،، و تكلم عن اعراض بعض المعلمين من الحديث بالآمور السلبية قائلا اريدكم ان تحدثوني عن السلبي قبل الايجابي لنجد له الحلول واللي لا يتكلم عن السلبيات خلال الفترة القادمة فليس حريصا على وطنه