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Social media.. Bribery!

It is out there, believe it or not.. and yes.. in Kuwait! 

Social media is now trending as almost every company in Kuwait is starting its basic social communication channels via facebook & twitter, as well as touch-base-ing with bloggers. Social media is intended to measure the actual customer experience, evaluate it, provide help, and keep in touch with customers. All that is fairly enough to ensure that customers are “truly” loyal to your business.

So, how does social media bribery occur?

Simple.. contracts, contract, contracts… and contracts! Some corporates are actually signing up contracts and paying loads of money to some well-known on-line and off-line celebs to talk about and defend them, even though they’re subscribed with other corporates. Casting false messages, as well as promoting false media! Wooh! Wain 9erna ya jema3a? That company – in specific- should spend these huge amounts of money on recruiting more “Call center agents” and service enhancement.. enough said?

There are two types of bribery agreements:

  • Encourage the “bribed” to promote the “briber”, and attack the “bribers’ competitors”.
  • Silence the “bribed” from attacking the “briber”.
Is it ethical? 
Bribery is NOT ETHICAL; ETHICS 101
It will definitely fireback at some point.. lama tetsakkar el7anafeya :) .. So, if your company has got itself into the bribery swamp.. Allah y3eenkom!
I would really love to read your input regarding this topic… drop a comment :) – My Development blog

Since I’m really into web development, and been working on web building since 1996 (When I created my 1st website), I have created this new blog to talk about web and mobile apps creation and development tools and techniques. I have posted an article there already… I’ll be more than happy to read your notes, comments, and thoughts out there :)

Note: This blog (Blog37) will remain alive and I’ll keep on posting as usual, I just wanted to keep my development articles separated because.. you know.. some of my regular reader may not be interested in reading about tech stuff or programming How-To’s!

Blog name: iMutawa

My passion is not for sale…

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Ok, as many other bloggers, every now and then I get sponsorship proposals from different companies in different fields. But every time, its the contract terms and conditions that stop me from signing.. I wouldn’t mind a sponsorship, but no power on earth.. I repeat.. ON EARTH, can tell me what to write or what not to write!

Blogging, has never been a trade or a wrestling arena for companies to fight over! Blogging is a passion! my blog is MY personal spot, that I use to say whatever I want to say. Unfortunately, some fellow bloggers deviated from that path, accepting directions and getting involved in commercial wars between local titans! (i.e: Companies). Can you imagine a blogger being asked to remove a post because it talks about the “Sponsor competitors”? Or a blogger, being forced not to attend an event held by a competitor? What is this? Exclusivity mathalan?!! By the way, these incidents are real, I’m not making things up!

My blog, has never been, and is not, and will never become a “Commercial Slave”! You, as a blogger, should realize the fact that your blog should represent you, and only you! NO one on earth, should direct what you should or shouldn’t write! I have made my choice earlier, and the question remains, fellow blogger! ..


What is your choice?

Become a commercial slave? Or fight for your “blog” freedom?

Ask Zain !

This is an invitation from Zain for bloggers to carry all your questions and suggestions to the executive management; CEO, COO, CTO, and all chief directors. So, list your questions in the comments area and I’ll carry them tomorrow to Zain, make sure to put your email so I can reply to you with the answers later on.

Correction: The meet-up date is August 18th – So put your questions asap

VIVA Bloggers Ghabga

I have received a kind invitation from VIVA to their bloggers Ghabga last Thursday. It may be late to post about this, but I’m posting this now as I have just restored my blog. I have absolutely loved the warm atmosphere and the amazing branding of the Six Palms tent at Marina hotel. Many of my fellow bloggers attended the event and enjoyed meeting each others, as well as the amazing Mic Embalta3! Very professional and funny.

Not to mention that VIVA was very kind to provide us with an amazing gift; The New Huawei Android and a gergean bag. I have personally wished to meet with Mr. Salman Al.Badran, VIVA’s CEO, a man whom you would definitely want to meet and learn from. elyayaat akthar enshalla ;D

Thank you VIVA, and special thanks to May Al.Subaei, Mohammed Yaqoub, and Abdulrazaq Al.Eissa.

Crush it! with passion

Isn’t it passion that motivates and empowers us to do whatever we like to do? Absolutely true… :) The “Crush It” series of events shows how you can crush the barriers to become the best at whatever you like.. with passion! The simplest formula.. ever!

Organized by AlZanki Enterprises and generously hosted by Cinescape, the 2nd Crush It “Bloggers Circle” meet up was held in Cinema Layla in Salmiya, to welcome newly joined bloggers and to carry on with bloggers whom have previously joined the Crush It challenge. Full details about Crush it, Crush it Seminar, and the Crush it challenge are all included in a previous post [HERE].

One more thing, THANK YOU Cinemagic, represented by Mr. Rami Bedeir, for the wonderful gift :) A free invitation to enjoy the VIP cinema facility at Cinemagic Kuwait.

Fellow bloggers, you can still join the challange and the bloggers circle HERE
IF, you are not a blogger, and interested in joining the challenge too, please visit




Blog37 is BACK

Suddenly, Blog37 went into an unexpected suspension by the host, for “high usage” as they have claimed. I had a very hard time trying to contact the host to – at least- get my blog files, which they’ve provided me with after 2 days! blog is now restored, but as you already know, I have two domains for the blog ( and .net). The “.net” is now fully functional, and now waiting for the “.com” to be transferred to my new host. This might take few days, meanwhile you’ll notice some broken images and links.

My fellow bloggers and supporters, Thank you for asking about this sudden disappearance, and for the support as well;
Moody’n'Cheeky, Q8Path, Kuwaitiful, Q8Rain, Omarker, His&Hers, 7ajidude, Halloum, Abo flan, ChapterQ8, BlogLaish, Qortuba, and Mr. Khalid Al.Zanki

Want a Google+ invitation?

Want a Google+ invitation? send me your “Gmail” address through the blog contact form, and I’ll send you an invitation as soon as I can :)

Bloggers Union gathering

The kind invitation I have received from our dear fellow bloggers: Omarker, Q8Stig and His (from His&Hers) gave me the greatest opportunity to meet with a lot Kuwait based bloggers. I was really honored to meet and chat with Kumail+, BlogLaish, Botamba, Landeni, Q8Blend, Qortuba, BananaQ8.. and a lot more! Special thanks go to Ghalia Tech for their kind support, and Zain & Laduree for their kind gifts.

Happy social media day!


Celebrating the social media day with more than 30 Kuwaiti bloggers in the same room! this is interesting, a gathering that would have never been without Q8Stig, His, and Omarker.

Now sitting in the same table with: Botamba (blog aggregator), Kumail+, Landeni, BlogLaish, HiKuwait, and me as Blog37. Will update you with pictures and more news, as well as the outcome of this great gathering.