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Two weeks later…

The two weeks were so hectic to the extent that I could even post about anything. Where do I start? 


The little brave boy you have already read about.. bloggers, including me, were so busy looking for a sponsorship for the little man’s surgery.. I loved how energized and organized we were, and thanks to Allah, he was sponsored anonymously. I’d give the greatest gratitude to my sisters: Q8Rain & Iyaa (for being proactive to organize the giving initiative), Dudette from 7ajidude (For posting about Abdulkareem and the kids at NBK hospital), and Danderma (for taking the action to alert almost all bloggers about Abdulkareem’s story). Girls, We’re so proud of you.. I’m so proud of all my fellow bloggers… Thanks to Dr.Sajed Al.Abdali (@DrSajed) and Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain) for retweeting my post about Abdulkareem.

BlackBerry outage…

As some of you may know, I work in a telecom company, and being part of a team that confronts complaints and works them out as well as measuring social trends and alerting concerned departments & divisions. I won’t be giving details about the nature of my work, but you can never imagine how an outage of simple service like BlackBerry messaging  could generate such rage!

My Project…

Something big is in the making.. been working on this project since before Ramadan. This project, will be my one and only masterpiece, and let’s hope that it works as planned.. wish me luck!

[CAUSE] Help Save Abdulkareem and other children..

Abdulkareem - pic taken from

I have talked about this brave little boy on twitter 2 days ago after meeting him in NBK’s hospital. And now, our dear friend Danderma have sent us an email to highlight Abdulkareem’s story. To give you more details, Abdulkareem is not Kuwaiti, which makes it impossible to get free treatment here while he belongs to a very poor family.

Add to that, Abdulkareem has 9 other brothers and sisters, his father is diabetic, and his mother can’t even afford her transportation from and to hospital everyday. What could be worse? I’ll tell you what, standing out there doing NOTHING is the worst thing to do.. ever! Doctors will have to cut off his leg in order to stop cancer from spreading in his body, and this is supposed to happen next week, unless we do something and help him do his surgery and replace his knee, which by the ways costs 30,000 KD! Abdulkareem, as well as other cases, are waiting for cancer to spread allover their skinny bodies and eat them alive.. because they’re not Kuwaitis! They are human beings for God sake. If they’re not Kuwaitis, they will never forget that Kuwaiti’s and other nationals have helped them survive… in Kuwait.

As soon as tomorrow, I’ll be getting details, medical reports, donation details, contact details for these cases and will post them in here. Save Abdulkareem, save children, save your… sense of humanity!

عبدالكريم… طفل شجاع و ذكي، تكلمت عنه في تويتر منذ يومين بعد أن قابلته أثناء زيارة المدونين الى مستشفى بنك الكويت الوطني، كما وصلتني رسالة عنه قبل قليل من الزميلة المدونة دندرمة. عبدالكريم ليس كويتيا، مما يجعل أمر علاجه على نفقة الدولة أمر مستحيل في نفس الوقت الذي ينتمي فيه إلى عائلة فقيرة.

بالاضافة إلى ذلك، عبدالكريم لديه ٩ أخوة و أخوات، والده يعاني من مرض السكر، و والدته لا تستطيه تحمل تكاليف التنقل من المنزل الى المستشفى لمتابعة حالة ابنها كل يوم. هل من وضع أسوأ؟ الأسوأ هو آن نقف عاجزين مكتوفي الأيدي دون أن نمد يد المساعدة، و من المفترض بأن يقوم الاطباء بقطع رجله لمنع انتشار السرطان ما لم نسارع لانقاذه و توفير تكاليف عمليته و التي تصل الى ٣٠،٠٠٠ دينار!… عبدالكريم، و بعض الحالات الأخرى ينتظرون أن ينهش السرطان اللعين أجسادهم النحيلة… لأنهم ليسوا كويتيين! أليسوا بشرا؟ و إن لم يكونوا كويتيين، فهم لن ينسوا فضل اهل الكويت من كويتيين و غيرهم ان ساعدوهم… في الكويت!

في الغد، سنحصل على نسخ من التقارير الطبية لعبدالكريم و غيره من الاطفال و سننشرها مع كافة التفاصيل المطلوبة للتبرع بصورة قانونية. أنقذوا عبدالكريم، أنقذوا الاطفال… انقذوا الحس الانساني لديكم!



تابعوني أنا و الأخوة المدونين للتفاصيل عن كيفية المساعدة، شكراً

Dear Bloggers, the WAR is ON!

I have just got a confirmation from an “insider” that a local company socialmedia/online team have decided NOT to:

  • Follow Blog37 on twitter
  • Send me their latest news and offers
  • Invite me to their events
Because.. well well well.. because of the posts below :)
I don’t have much followers on twitter and it shows in the right column on the blog, I may not have much daily visits or many comments on every post I publish… But I’m so certain that these posts have hit their target… as an old saying that states “اللي على راسه بطحه يتحسس عليها“.
Fellow bloggers, the war is now ON.. are we up to it? Are we to FORCE these companies to change their terms and conditions from “puppeteering” our blogs to “reserving an Ad spot” ? It’s your choice.


[Cause] It’s time to give…


Thanks to our fellow blogger Rainy from Q8Rain, a great initiative of giving is now in the process to show the social responsibility role of blogging. We, as bloggers, have been covering social events and occasions, accepting invitations from here and there… etc. Now.. it’s time to give back to the community… and who’s worth giving more than children? 

Thank you Rainy for bringing our “good side” as bloggers to the surface :) Here’s Rainy’s post, worth reading.. and participating.

Discuss: Social puppets and the Blue Book

I was discussing this topic the other day with a friend.. and the issue keeps poppin’ up again with local companies tying bloggers with contracts and actually asking them not to post or tweet about any other competitor, even it was a personal opinion. Well, if this is how things are going then we should take an action to counter attack what Corp-heads are doing, am I right?

Dear Corp-Heads,

turning the blog-o-sphere into a “sponsored” puppet show won’t work.. and these are some basic rules that I wish if my fellow bloggers would follow to teach Corp-heads some manners:

  1. No more sponsorship contracts.
  2. You’re welcome -as a company- to “rent” an advertising space on my blog.
  3. You -as a company- have no right to tell me what to write and what not to write on my blog.
  4. You -as a company- can take out your Ad’s at anytime if you do not like what I post about.
  5. I, as a blogger, can write about and criticize the advertising company services and products.
  6. I, as a blogger, by the rules of the Kuwaiti constitution, have the full right to post about whatever I want, and to go whatever event.
Dear Fellow bloggers,
I would really appreciate it if you add your input to the above and spread the word to other bloggers. Call it a bloggers “blue book”! having some rules that we agree to won’t harm, but would help. let’s unite to keep our blog-o-sphere “clean”. 

Waiting for your input :)

What people search for on blog37!!!

Well, I got a reputation with KFC posting about them several times.. and this shows in the search terms. But, searching for “a naked Kuwaiti guy” !? THIS IS NEW!

Say hello to “Baby His”! (a.k.a Mishari)

Our dear friends His & Hers are now -officially- parents! Welcome to our world Baby His“, also known as “Mishari“. Mabrook ellaafi o yetrabba eb 3ezkom Inshalla. We’re waiting for “Baby His” first post.. wait a sec.. I’m trying to imagine what that post title would be.. “Go go ga ga aggghhh” ? lol

Again.. mabrookeen wenshalla enshoof “Baby His” blogging with you guys :)

I want SOMEcontrast Back!

It’s been almost 11 months since their announcement about stopping the blog. SOMEcontrast, was, and will always be, one of the best blogs I enjoy reading. every now and then I visit SC to go through their reviews, topics, visits.. even the rant posts! Meshari and Yousef, I DEMAND THAT YOU GET SOMEcontrast UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!

People, show them some love and write a comment asking them to get back

I’ll deliver your comments to them, personally.. PRINTED!

MaskTales Creepy story competition

Do you have a creepy story to share? Our dear fellow blogger iMaGiNaTiOn is holding a competition for creepy stories on his blog. Click here for the competition details

New tutorial series starts on

I have started a tutorial series on my dev blog ( talking about the basics of web development, starting with HTML. Jump to iMutawa and start following this new series. Drop a comment there in case you had any questions :) Good luck