Q Cafe restaurant

A kind invitation that I have received from Ms. Arwa Behbehani to a bloggers night at Q Cafe restaurant at The Village. The way I see it, simplicity is a key comfort factor for any restaurant which is missed by many of the newly opened ones. Yes, Q Cafe is now definitely one of my “fav-listed” comfort places in which I can have great food and enjoy the  lovely atmosphere.

The food, desserts, and beverages menus were rich of whatever you might like; “What’s so special here?” a question that popped into the mind of my cousin who joined me yesterday.. It’s those special food recipes of an ordinary dish.. Oh yes! the fries! You have to try the “sprinkled fries”! The very first moment I had one of those, I asked Ms. Arwa about the flavor, and how “NEW” it was. They do actually have a mix of herbs that they sprinkle over the fries which gives the special taste! the same thing goes for the rest of the menu, but with other kinds or special additions, flavors,.. and magical touches! :) Also to mention, the food was fairly rated.

  1. Try their chinese chicken salad! devine!!!!!

  2. Dead Pixels, Dead Pixels, Dead Pixels!

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