The Avenues Phase III tour

I was invited last Saturday with some of my fellow bloggers to have a walkthrough in the Avenues Mall phase III…and I gotta say this, this is big and is really awesome! This will turn the concept of local tourism upside-down and will definitely attract visitors to come and shop in Kuwait… and this is only “Phase III” :)

As we’ve been informed by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati (PR & Marketing manager) that phase III will match in size both Phases I & II, will have 400 different stores, 5000 car parkings.. and the most interesting part was that “Phases IV & V” will follow! A soft opening is expected in mid Sept 2012… can’t wait to check it out again.

So, let’s begin our tour :)

Here is where we’ve been briefed about the current and upcoming expansions by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati:

Moving to the Grand Avenue, which is a long walk like “Solidere” with palms and stores on both sides, somehow it also reminded of Dubai’s walk aka “The Walk”.

After taking a walk in the grand avenue, we turned right to go to the “Prestige area”, this is where you guys are – willingly- going to surrender to the shopping desires of your wives *bankrupt alert* :p

Getting back to the Grand avenue and taking the other side, to reach to “SoKu; South of Kuwait” which will be “the youth area” to include lots of cafes and some brand names favored by the youth.

“Souk”… my favorite :) giving the sense of “Souk Almubarakiya”.. a Job well done by The Avenues combining the cultural essence into modern architecture. You can see the old styled ceilings (Chandal wela Danchal? :P )

The Mall.. and the Bazaar below, including lots of cafes, restaurants, stores, and a huge fountain that will take water up’n'down between both the Mall and the Bazaar.. bleeh, I don’t know how to describe this! it’s just amazing!

I’ll call this area “The Semi-Outdoor”. Remember where Café Blanc used to be? It will re-open again in along with more and more restaurants and cafes. But guess what, the whole area will be covered and air-conditioned.. sweeeet :twisted:

A one of a kind walkthrough, witnessing an upcoming “icon” that will shine soon gave me the feeling that Kuwait will rise-up again to be “Durrat elkhaleej”. Special thanks to Mr. Rashid Al.Haroun, Mr. Abdullah Al.Baddah, Ms. Alia Al.Ghunaim, & Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati for a wonderful day that gave me hope of a better Kuwait and a brighter “Cultural & Economical” future.

Here’s the video that has been displayed during the brief

  1. I absolutely love this pic o 7aji ! :)


    • M7md :3
    • March 26th, 2012

    واااااااااااااااو ما شاء الله تبارك الله

    شي خياااااااااااااال

  2. The Avenues is already huge !

  3. I’m surprised not blacklisted yet? :P Hehe looks lovely

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