It’s been 7 years…


I’m not the talkative type of a person, I’ve always preferred being quite about whatever I may go through.. But I think I have to speak up this time. it’s about a secret that I’ve been carrying for almost seven years now, and I’m still not telling what it is in detail… The thing is that what I’m about to share is somehow the lesson I have learned throughout the past seven years.

I have to confess that I have learned emotional self-control the hard way, and there’s been this really big problem that I had to overcome to be able to live normally. Being hurt by someone close to the extent that you might be physically affected, is hurtful.. way beyond imagination. You won’t really understand how it feels until you experience it personally. I was finally able to get over this problem because of something that has happened few days ago… 

Last Thursday, I woke up to find a facebook message from a person that I thought I would never hear from.. again! I had to reply.. I had to ask why.. I had to know why now.. And I finally got the answers I’ve been seeking all those years! Even though the answers (or the reasons) I got didn’t justify what happened back then, I admit that I – somehow- felt comfortable..

It’s weird… seven years, never missed a day thinking about or trying to know the reasons behind what happened in that specific day.. and finally, getting to know EVERYTHING within 10 minutes over facebook messages! seriously!? The most important word that I have really been waiting for was “Sorry”.. and I finally got to have what I’ve waited for seven years.

The lesson I’ve learned.. no matter how long it takes, a day will come at the end where you realize that you’ve been right about something.. never seek an answer, because answers will come to you sooner or later as long as you believe in yourself.

And yeah, one more lesson.. Karma is a b**** :)

  1. Karma is indeed a B**** .. This my friend is called Closure and you got it but you got it so late .. people do things for reasons .. but some people are just born to not deserve what they have or you can say HAD

    The most important thing is that you moved on and your happy now .. 7 years is not a short time and im sure now you felt a weight of your shoulder

    Good Luck and see how blogging lets you express what you feel .. ??:P Plz dont stop !

  2. and i was about to say congratulations for the “7 years” :P

    we as human beings tend to seek answers as fast as possible to have a piece of mind, but we don’t know that everything is arranged in sequence in this life! in those 7 years you’ve learned many things as you’ve mentioned & at the end you made piece with it knowing the reason :)

  3. Moral of the story: Wait for the apology, don’t rush things. Interesting read, and glad you earned what wanted, an apology. Bet if feels like weight got lifted off your shoulders.

  4. Okay now I want to learn more! Tell me more tell me more! (Grease Soundtrack playing in the background! :P )

    Anyways I guess closure is good even if it is years late but sometimes it doesn’t add much or matter much unless the person that hurt us meant a lot to us. I have adopted a forget and forget process in which something bad happened from someone close to you then just forget them and cut them out of your life.

    But congrats on that though :D

    • Fatimah
    • March 23rd, 2012

    Tell me about it….I’m still waiting for an apology myself from my friend….she stabbed me in the back, but puts likes on my FB posts as if to indicate that she misses me…but hell to the no….she did something I’m really shocked, its been too long, and the worst part is my dad has noticed that she doesn’t call me or comes over…
    I hope I don’t get closure through FB messages….I just want her to ask me to talk things over coffee and tell me face to face why she ditched me in times of need….
    Congrats….karma is one helluva darn pain in your face B****

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