Thank you @TheDietCare !

First of all, happy national holidays everyone! 

I hate it when I have this seasonal flu… sore throat, clogged ears.. can you believe that my nose actually “whistles” when I catch cold? Anyway.. The door bell rang yesterday while I was napping, and I heard the maid talking to the delivery guy who was saying it’s a gift from diet care. So, I decided to check on this gift when I wake up.

I woke up nearly after two hours, went downstairs to get the gift.. and guess what? this is how it was when I got there…


“3alekom bel3afya” was my immediate reaction… But I didn’t really know how would I blog about this! but I did after all… “it was” the national days healthy snacks basket, and I was lucky enough to have two of those sandwiches.. apparently I missed a lot…Thank you Diet Care for the wonderful gift :)

  1. Bil 3afia ;) try their tik dessert !

  2. lool 3lekum bel3afya ,, 3ad their flag cake was yummy :)

  3. They look Yummy :) bil 3afya

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