Dear Bloggers, the WAR is ON!

I have just got a confirmation from an “insider” that a local company socialmedia/online team have decided NOT to:

  • Follow Blog37 on twitter
  • Send me their latest news and offers
  • Invite me to their events
Because.. well well well.. because of the posts below :)
I don’t have much followers on twitter and it shows in the right column on the blog, I may not have much daily visits or many comments on every post I publish… But I’m so certain that these posts have hit their target… as an old saying that states “اللي على راسه بطحه يتحسس عليها“.
Fellow bloggers, the war is now ON.. are we up to it? Are we to FORCE these companies to change their terms and conditions from “puppeteering” our blogs to “reserving an Ad spot” ? It’s your choice.


  1. Now I want to know who it was! LOL!

    • N
    • October 1st, 2011

    We have seen some companies go head-to-head with bloggers just because they don’t like what he/she says. It’s idiotic in my opinion.
    For your other points, i am sponsored and had some issues with my sponsors. At one time, I had 2 telecom companies have ads on my blog and one of them asked that I remove the other telecom’s ad. I simply replied that there isn’t any thing in the contract that forces me to do this and I won’t.
    I also keep getting emails about certain promotions and offers from my sponsors that they want me to post about but I don’t, simply because they contract between us is for ad space and not for me to be their mouth piece.

    • True.. This is somehow similar to what I have pointed at with my post. I’ll be exposing incidents that have happened with some bloggers, and might expose company names as well.. still thinking about it :)

  2. hhmmmm why do i have a feeling that it’s one of the main 3 telecom companies out there?! just a feeling :P

    anyways, i had refused a couple of sponsorship offers just because they wanted to control what i do on my blog! it’s so pathetic wallah! i kinda feel it’s an act of jealousy from other competitors!

    Anyways, the hell with them! “Our blogs are our own free space of expressing ourselves! You want to rent part of that space, you follow our rules, we don’t follow yours”

  3. I’ve experience personally with one of the local network companies.
    Advertising agencies are playing with us “bloggers” they are renting our side-bars and place more than 3 banners in one spot. They charge the companies more.
    As you said in your last three posts – these side-bars are optional NOT required to place any ad’s.
    Most of these companies are working under no legal law contract or other documents.

  4. I don’t know if you know us (eB6ainiya) blog :P When we started, we decided to make apply a very STRICT rules on any sponsor from the beginning! You have your ad space, do whatever you want but do not expect us to post an “Invitation” review (expecting that the sponsor is a restaurant) nor we accept any gifts, tryouts from any home business, restaurants and so forth. Many blog owners don’t know us because we do not attend those social events although we’ve been invited so many times. I’m sorry but getting an “iphone” as an appreciation gift while leaving the event is called “RASHWA” (Fa 3asanna ma re7na!)

    Frankly, we controlled our own destination from the beginning and we still do! :)

  5. I understand why you’re mad but why waste your time on revenge ?
    Believe in Karma, and you’ll live in peace :)
    Allah yerfe3ek enshalah without ads on your blog

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