Discuss: Social puppets and the Blue Book

I was discussing this topic the other day with a friend.. and the issue keeps poppin’ up again with local companies tying bloggers with contracts and actually asking them not to post or tweet about any other competitor, even it was a personal opinion. Well, if this is how things are going then we should take an action to counter attack what Corp-heads are doing, am I right?

Dear Corp-Heads,

turning the blog-o-sphere into a “sponsored” puppet show won’t work.. and these are some basic rules that I wish if my fellow bloggers would follow to teach Corp-heads some manners:

  1. No more sponsorship contracts.
  2. You’re welcome -as a company- to “rent” an advertising space on my blog.
  3. You -as a company- have no right to tell me what to write and what not to write on my blog.
  4. You -as a company- can take out your Ad’s at anytime if you do not like what I post about.
  5. I, as a blogger, can write about and criticize the advertising company services and products.
  6. I, as a blogger, by the rules of the Kuwaiti constitution, have the full right to post about whatever I want, and to go whatever event.
Dear Fellow bloggers,
I would really appreciate it if you add your input to the above and spread the word to other bloggers. Call it a bloggers “blue book”! having some rules that we agree to won’t harm, but would help. let’s unite to keep our blog-o-sphere “clean”. 

Waiting for your input :)

  1. I agree 10000% with everything that is said above and wish that all companies adopt to it. It is really not fair to dictate the blogger to a certain set of posts just because you “bought” your ad space on their blog!

  2. I agree with you i dont get why people want to be sponsored and be limited to certain topics !! a blog is place for me to share my thoughts and experience whether they are positive or negative it is my own place i control it no one else should

    and if i may add one point if a company gave a blogger a gift the blogger are not oblige to post about it

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