I want SOMEcontrast Back!

It’s been almost 11 months since their announcement about stopping the blog. SOMEcontrast, was, and will always be, one of the best blogs I enjoy reading. every now and then I visit SC to go through their reviews, topics, visits.. even the rant posts! Meshari and Yousef, I DEMAND THAT YOU GET SOMEcontrast UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!

People, show them some love and write a comment asking them to get back

I’ll deliver your comments to them, personally.. PRINTED!

  1. They was one of the blogs that I was follow before I start blogging .. U could of saying they are one of the blogs who encourage me to start my own blog .. They was a inspiration to me .. I don’t know why they stopped blogging but They MUSt get back

    • I’ll make sure to deliver all the comments to them, we’ll get them back enshalla

  2. First blog I ever read….

    We miss you !!

    We demand you back

  3. ليييش وقفوا عن الكتابه ؟ :/
    اكيييييييد نبيهم يرجعون

  4. it’s my honor that i know those 2 beautiful souls in person :)
    i remember a year ago when they announce that they will be stopping, they said that they will post every now and then. BUT, common guys it’s been a whole year WE DEMAND U BACK

    BACK :)

  6. But of course they should come back! I sometimes used to mix them up with 360Dewan :P But then separated them :P Hehehe

    But who knows maybe they are on an island somewhere enjoying the sun :P

  7. I haven’t met SomeContrast in person, but I surely have seen their posts and was truly inspirited by their ideas and approaches. I wish they re-consider a come-back and blogging is a parallel activity to any other activities in our lives.

    Thanks for posting this Nasser.

  8. Some Contrast was for sure the FIRST blog I ever saw and came to realise what was blogging is!
    So if you dont think this is a good reason for you to come back, then theres nothing more i could say :(

    • lfcq8
    • September 13th, 2011

    i want them back miss them they should come better then the rest of the so called bloggers who only cover events of big company’s and get gifts

  9. i agree! was and will always be one of the best blogs! and they dont have to write daily or even weekly! so guys PLEASE post somehing :D

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