Another facebook post: timeline

Yes I know I have posted about facebook yesterday, but here comes another post about the recently announced facebook timeline feature. I’ll cut short; amazing! below is a video and a link to a semi-live walkthrough.



facebook timeline walkthrough

  1. I have signed for it, whats the next step? should I hear from them that its ready?

    • no, follow the steps in this article and it will be activated (developers version)

      • On one of the steps i had to enter a phone number or a credit card to send me a code for my account, i didnt get any code on my phone :( I faced this problem awhile back and it doesnt work!

        • Oh i just found out it has to be Zain or viva! :S

          • you need to verify your account via mobile number, which is not enabled for Wataniya customers, yet.

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