Dear Ministry of Interior

Here’s a fact… our dear Ministry of Interior still lives in the age of Windows 95, or maybe Windows 98 if I want to be fair! The website payment services have not been updated since 2006! and most probably still using windows servers, which are known for their instability and unlimited number of bugs! here’s my story..

All I wanted is to renew my car’s certificate, so I renewed my car’s insurance and asked the insurance company employee if I had any “violations”.. and guess what! I had one with 15 KD!! I kept thinking all the way back home about what this violation could be.. “or you know what? I’ll pay it online directly just to get things quickly done”.

I’m back home and got online to the Ministry of Interior website, I went to the payments page.. a browser alert pops up telling me that I should use “Microsoft Internet Explorer” !!! But since I’m a web developer I viewed the source code of this page and guess what I have found.. the code was written back in 2006 and never updated since then! how smart!! MOI’s website DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PAY UNLESS YOU ARE USING A WINDOWS PC AND IE BROWSER IN SPECIFIC! screen shots below:

Payment Screen


Code written in 2006!!


Let’s face it.. I could not pay.. so I found another link on the website to inquire about my violations, so I did… and guess what my violation was..


My violation..



Shut up and pay the 15 KD for my Unlicensed Procession.. Thank you MOI!

  1. Looooool this is funny looool at least u did take a ticket cuz ma 3a6ait sher6ri imqazlchi waih… Wala I’m not surprised 3adii a9lan I never trust any government dept o adfa3 online

    • 7ata online!! dam enha enzalat bel system ma tenshaal.. el7okoma eb koborha mo theqa

      allah kareem!

  2. عيل انا شقول على المخالفه اللى لزقوها براسي ؟؟! ازعاج الاخرين.. لا وساعه جم؟ 5:30 الصبح على اساس انى فاظي وماكو شغل .. والمشكله كله نقول يالله خنجدد الدفتر ومو فاظين تعطيل وعوار راس!! المفروظ ما نقول كلها عشر دنانير ولا عشرين!! لازم الواحد يشتكى على التلفيق هذا!!

    • نشتكي عند منو؟ الخصم هو الحكم.. كلمت واحد و قالي هات دليل انك مو مسوي موكب… بذمتك شنو أرد عليه هذا؟
      و اذا ما دفعت بيتعطل شغلي و المشكلة اني شريت سيارة يديدة و ماقدر أطلعها الا لما اخلص تجديد الدفتر و دفع مخالفة الموكب على قولتهم!

  3. I feel your pain on this one, even as a windows user I hate wiping the dust off the internet explorer logo and executing it. I’ve been trying for months to pay my bills online but it keeps saying the website is under maintenance whenever I try to pay.

    • Want to know a funny fact? I applied after graduation 3ala el diwan o 6ala3 mokani bel “IT Department” in MOI back in 2007… lol

      akeed lazim ykoon kela under maintenance,, el downtime malhom khayaali

  4. أخوي سمعت من مصادر موثوقه ان وزارة الداخليه مقيده بعقد احتكار مع شركة مايكروسوفت و بنود العقد تنص انك تقدر تتصفح الموقع و تستفيد من كل مميزاته فقط عن طريق دخولك من لابتوب ايسر ويندوز ٩٥

    و بخصوص المخالفه .. اخوي بصراحه ما توقعتك من ربع المواكب .. ادفع المخالفه و اعتبرها دفعة بلا

    ذكرتني قبل سنه كنت بجدد جوازي و اكتشفت ان على مخالفه قيمتها ٢٠ دينار .. و المخالفه كان تاريخها قبل راس السنه بيوم .. مع اني في وقت المخالفه بالتحديد كنت خارج الكويت و في رحلة خيل و سفاري ! بس الله يسامحني ارتكبت مخالفه و انا مو بالكويت صج اني قوي عين

    الله يعين !

    • لووووول حلوة منك دفعة بلا! انا اقول جهز الطفاية بسيّر عليك الحين

  5. You are preaching to the choir! I was travelling this summer when my car was up for renewal, my dad messages me to tell me that I should check what violations I have on my car. I use only Mac! I tried to get on the stupid website, it referred me back to *IE*, I got on my iPhone/iPad and same shizzle! I got pissed off and told dad you check it! I can’t do anything here.

    And that is how it gets every year! Even Windows abandoned IE and everyone switched over to Firefox/Chrome/Safari :/ Why this alienation! They really need to get their shit together because this is pitiful!

    • I have even checked the page source code! Javascript code is poorly written in an old-school style and is exposed for everyone to read!

      I personally use a Linux based server to assure stability and security.. On the other hand, MOI uses windows! heh!

  6. I also forgot to mention that when they checked apparently we were given a ticket for passing a red light when no one was driving the car that day LOL! apparently the car went out on its own and passed that damn light :P

  7. For all the hassle i went through when I was a little Stig.. I stopped Violating their system.. I run away instead rather than being caught.

    Screw them

    • LOL Stig! I haven’t even done anything.. screw them and the system

  8. LOL, this is embarassing for my country! wa5izyah

  9. loooool mowkeb 3ad @@
    twne adre ena fee mo5alafa etha sawait mowkeb, la mn alyom oo raye7 ana baba6l 2asawe mawakeb :P
    don’t pay online dude, just go to the nearest 5edmal almowa6en branch & pay there, don’t trust their system

    • ee deer baalek tsawi mawkeb.. magfoola elmukhalafa I cant pay it 7ata hnak! 6ala3 fi taqreer o balawi la weygoloonli enta emraje3na 5 times min gabel.. ma3a enna qasaman bellaah elyom awal marra aroo7 lohom!

      I’ll post about my visit lohom.. soon

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