Social media.. Bribery!

It is out there, believe it or not.. and yes.. in Kuwait! 

Social media is now trending as almost every company in Kuwait is starting its basic social communication channels via facebook & twitter, as well as touch-base-ing with bloggers. Social media is intended to measure the actual customer experience, evaluate it, provide help, and keep in touch with customers. All that is fairly enough to ensure that customers are “truly” loyal to your business.

So, how does social media bribery occur?

Simple.. contracts, contract, contracts… and contracts! Some corporates are actually signing up contracts and paying loads of money to some well-known on-line and off-line celebs to talk about and defend them, even though they’re subscribed with other corporates. Casting false messages, as well as promoting false media! Wooh! Wain 9erna ya jema3a? That company – in specific- should spend these huge amounts of money on recruiting more “Call center agents” and service enhancement.. enough said?

There are two types of bribery agreements:

  • Encourage the “bribed” to promote the “briber”, and attack the “bribers’ competitors”.
  • Silence the “bribed” from attacking the “briber”.
Is it ethical? 
Bribery is NOT ETHICAL; ETHICS 101
It will definitely fireback at some point.. lama tetsakkar el7anafeya :) .. So, if your company has got itself into the bribery swamp.. Allah y3eenkom!
I would really love to read your input regarding this topic… drop a comment :)

  1. I totally agree with this post.. A while back I used to think those blogs that were sponsored by so-and-so company are basically embellishing all their posts writing the good and ignoring the bad and later on would bash those who had negative feedback it’s a shame and one of the reasons why I didn’t want any sponsorships because well let’s face it if I hate something I’m going to bash it until it’s fixed afterwards I’ll give it credit.

    Ba3dain what the hell paying off people just to promote them, if you are bad then listen and fix it and don’t go attacking others because if you do it then you’re just opening the doors on other companies to do the same thing!

    • Well said Jacqui! The problem is that “large local companies” fell into this bribery crap.. yaayhom yoom :)

      • Exactly and we will see who will have the last laugh! :P

  2. I guess it is ok to be sponsored if you have your conditions to criticize whatever you want even about the company that sponsored you!

  3. I proudly remain sponsor free, except for adsense but they pay peanuts and dont limit my creativity / borrowings.

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