VIVA Bloggers Ghabga

I have received a kind invitation from VIVA to their bloggers Ghabga last Thursday. It may be late to post about this, but I’m posting this now as I have just restored my blog. I have absolutely loved the warm atmosphere and the amazing branding of the Six Palms tent at Marina hotel. Many of my fellow bloggers attended the event and enjoyed meeting each others, as well as the amazing Mic Embalta3! Very professional and funny.

Not to mention that VIVA was very kind to provide us with an amazing gift; The New Huawei Android and a gergean bag. I have personally wished to meet with Mr. Salman Al.Badran, VIVA’s CEO, a man whom you would definitely want to meet and learn from. elyayaat akthar enshalla ;D

Thank you VIVA, and special thanks to May Al.Subaei, Mohammed Yaqoub, and Abdulrazaq Al.Eissa.

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