NETGEAR Range Extender

I’ve been looking for this for over a month now, and I finally found it in X-Cite at a very good price (KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750). This is the best solution if you’re living in a typical Kuwaiti house, where “nuclear-war resistant concrete” walls surround you!

Installation was very simple, plugged it to power, turn it on, accessed the control panel wirelessly. You’ll have the option to either use the main router access credentials, or even set new login information for the extender itself. My original home WiFi was really impossible to reach, but with this new toy I can move around freely with full internet access.

Model number: WN2000RPT
Where to find it: X-Cite Alghanim
Price: KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750 (I think this is a limited time offer)

  1. The points you bring up are quite interesting but I’m not sure you have all the fact right.

  2. Very interesting I must say! I did not think about the subject that way.

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