It’s time to CRUSH IT!

Yes, it’s the perfect time to learn how and to actually start and grow your social media using strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven by experts. An introduction to this challenge was hosted last week by Zain, and is sponsored by Burgan Bank, Zain, Cinescape, and of course is organized and managed by Al-Zanki enterprises. I  had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Khalid Al-Zanki, Mrs. Hind Al-Nahedh, the wonderful social media & PR management from Burgan Bank, and my friends from Zain, as well as a group of my fellow bloggers, and I could tell how excited they were about this challenge.

The “Crush it” series of events will end with a seminar to be presented by “Gary Vaynerchuk”, who became an online celebrity having more than 850,000 twitter followers, and the author of “Crush It” the book. I may have nothing to add to what my fellow bloggers have posted about Crush It, but if you’re a blogger.. you should not miss registering to the “Exclusive Bloggers Circle”.. register now, and crush the challenge :)

To register for “The Bloggers Circle” (Exclusive for bloggers): Here
To register for the “Crush It” free challenge 

Sponsors and organizers:



  1. Pleasure is all mine Nasser! It is such great privilege to have you onboard of Crush It! Bloggers Circle :) On top of all that, social media team of ZAIN :) You simply ROCK!.. Keep crushing..

  2. It Seems Amazing :D

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