Blog37 is BACK

Suddenly, Blog37 went into an unexpected suspension by the host, for “high usage” as they have claimed. I had a very hard time trying to contact the host to – at least- get my blog files, which they’ve provided me with after 2 days! blog is now restored, but as you already know, I have two domains for the blog (Blog37.com and .net). The “.net” is now fully functional, and now waiting for the “.com” to be transferred to my new host. This might take few days, meanwhile you’ll notice some broken images and links.

My fellow bloggers and supporters, Thank you for asking about this sudden disappearance, and for the support as well;
Moody’n'Cheeky, Q8Path, Kuwaitiful, Q8Rain, Omarker, His&Hers, 7ajidude, Halloum, Abo flan, ChapterQ8, BlogLaish, Qortuba, and Mr. Khalid Al.Zanki

  1. Welcome back bro..
    Hope things get better soon with a new host

  2. Welcome baaaaaaaack :)

    • Thank you dear :) and it was really nice seeing you that day

  3. Welcome Back :D

  4. welcome back :D :D :D

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