I’m against the Internet CAP

Yes, we need to stand all together in the face of the unfair data caps, no matter what the companies or the MOC would say!! We’re now in a world where everything is being done online, our entire daily life is actually hooked to the Internet; business, entertainment, money transfers, daily tasks, and even the very basic communication requirements! What’s with Caps?! The companies claim that they are tied to limited usage offerings by the MOC in return to the huge amounts of money they pay. We totally understand that these companies are not charities.. yes we know that! but that does not give you the right to play around with the usage allowance!! taking the usage down, and raising the prices even more and more claiming they were “Limited time offers” ?? .. typical COW MILKING! A sick attempt to suck us dry!

Dear ISP’s, do you really care about your customers? If you really do, then why did you wait for this “E-Revolution” to rise against you and tear you into pieces!? Why didn’t you take the first step to fight against the retarded MOC regulations, if your claims were true in the first place? I’ll tell you why, because your customers were already paying and everything was fine! but now.. enough is enough! I totally support the The anti internet cap campaign (On twitter @Q8Capping – Blog) and my fellow bloggers campaign against the Caps. Here


  1. I totally agree, everybody should join this campaign

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