Review: X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First class

First of all, I’d like to thank VIVA telecom company for their kind invitation to attend the 1st premiere show of X-Men: First class (in the world.. maybe?), and specially to Mr. Mohammed Al.Yaqoub who have personally called to invite me. The event was perfectly covered by (Here)

ALERT: I’ll write about the movie in detail, so it’s up to you if you wanna go ahead and read! Click on READ MORE for the movie review.

The movie was played here, in Kuwait. You can never imagine how censored it was! I thought for a bit that the movie scenes were scrambled and I kinda lost track of the story line, but what to say! it’s the MOI censorship committee that ruins our joy… as they always do!


The story begins with a brief flashback of how “Erik Lenshher; Magneto” manifested his powers for the 1st time, taking some scenes from the 1st X-Men movie (Poland 1944: you know! taking him away from his parents, squeezing the iron gate.. bla bla). And then, how “Professor X; Charles Xavior” got to know “Raven; mystique”. The story had some conflicts with the previous X-Men movies.. wanna know how? read below

Story line confusion

  • Age facts
    • In X-Men (1st one): Xavier told Wolverine that he met Magneto when he was 17 yrs old.
    • In X-Men (First class): Erik was taken away from his family by Nazis in year 1944 (when he was 11 to 13 years old?), and met Xavior in year 1962 (18 years later). So, they met when Erik was at the age of 29 to 31 years old.  And by the way, Xavier had his PhD in genetics before meeting with Erik (Magneto).
  • Events.. messed up!
    • In X-Men III (The last stand): Xavier & Erik went to Jean Gray’s (a.k.a Phoenix) house to recruit her (late 70′s). Charles X was “Bold” and walking on his feet.
    • In X-Men (origins: Wolverine): if I was correct, wolverine story happened in mid to late 80′s. At the end of the movie Xavier was waiting for the escaping mutant kids, standing on his feet.
    • In X-Men First class: Xavier lost his ability to walk in year 1962 when a bullet, avoided by Magneto, got to his spine causing him paralysis.
  • Who built “Cerebro”?
    • In X-Men (1st one): Xavier says he built cerebro with the assistance of Erik “Magneto”.
    • In X-Men (First Class): Hank McCoy (a.k.a Beast) builds cerebro.. errr!
  • Xavier and Erik.. were they friends for long?
    • According to the X-Men trilogy, Xavier says they met when Erik was 17 (X-Men I) that is in the early 50′s I suppose, and appeared as friends in the 1st scene of X-Men III, late 70′s early 80′s.. that means 20+ years of friendship
    • In X-Men (First Class), they’re friends in year 1962, and they separate in year 1962.. Come on!

Special Effects: 10/10

  • A really really big… WOW! Transformations, teleports, bombings, messiles…etc. were so realistic that I thought they were real life action!

Story flow: 7/10

  • Was quite good, you can follow the story easily if you already know who “X-men” are. In my case, I kinds lost track as I have mentioned earlier because of the “ugly” censorship.

Featured appearances: 9/10

  • Rebecca Romijn: appeared as “Mystique” in a scene where the teenage Mystique tried to look older!
  • Hugh Jackman: appeared as “Wolverine”, in a bar of course, where Xavier and Erik were trying to recruit him as an X-Man.

Ignoring the whole story line mess, the movie was perfectly directed and the special effects were beyond amazing. X-Men were always a main topic on my blog, and I’d like to thank VIVA again for giving me the chance to become one of the few to watch it before anyone else around the world.

My Rating: (Average: 8.6/10)

  1. You sure did narrow it down.. Good Job! The Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) part was the best loool If you know what I mean ;)

    Man I suggested name tags next time. I was going to call your name “Hello Blog37 George Michael post??” hahah

    Hope to see you next time bro :)

  2. Nice review…now…where did you get that 0.6 extra :P

    • Sawyer Wells
    • June 4th, 2011

    To answer about cerebro Hank built the first cerebro and then it got destroyed. Then Xavier and Erik built the big cerebro at Xaviers school. So really the one at the school was the 2nd cerebro.

    • Makes sense now, Thanks Sawyer! :)

      • Sally
      • June 11th, 2011

      But since at the end of x-men first class Magneto and Professor X were already enemies, how did Magneto end up helping Professor X build Cerebro back at the mansion?

      • Supposedly, they should’ve built it when they moved to the X mansion.. which was not shown in the movie!
        You’re right

    • x-men guy
    • September 24th, 2011

    i caught all of the flaws the first time.

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