Apple to launch iOS powered TV display!?


It has been rumored for a very long time, a TV apple display! “The former Apple executive, speaking with us on condition of anonymity, told us that that the company’s biggest upcoming product launch will be one that hasn’t been made official yet — Apple has plans to enter the TV business.” – DailyTech. The new display is said to be large with an Apple-TV built in, but will not be developed in-house as other Apple products.

Interesting, I’m definitely getting one of those.. if launched soon. the launch is expected to be on next fall.

  1. من بعد حدود الانترنت ماقدرت أستخدم ولا شي بالبيت براحتي

  2. والله محد فينا قادر يسوي شي على راحته

    بس المفروض خلال هاليومين يشيلون الكاب على حسب توجيهات المواصلات.. إن شالله ما يطلعون بقرار يديد بس

  3. Nice,
    but with ios5, ios devices can be streamed to Apple TV, so I don’t see much use of having apps on tv.
    great none the less.

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