guess who wants to be my friend?


that’s an indication that all the sophisticated people have left Facebook for good ;( what a shame !
Now it just become a marketing tool for business entrepreneurs, I still miss those games such PetSociety and Poker ;P , my daily statuses was another story I used to count the days if if was waiting for something to happen, and my statuses would be DAY 1, DAY 2, one time I’ve reached day 35! but I realized that some  so called “Friends”  hated that idea & they thought it shortens their lives! *no comment*

so Facebook is officially dead!  tell Us about your memories if you were addicted

  1. I still love facebook ^_^ and still using it and my friends 2

    its not dead its only dead on weekends hehehe and now at work many is blocking it thats why its starting to die =(

  2. YES ^_^ we are still ALIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEE

    we tweet shwy bas makow mthl facebook <3

  3. يعطيك العافيه


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