The offer I could not resist! from Zain

An amazing offer that I truly couldn’t resist! I have signed up for the “Wiyana 59″ package from Zain for a year, and below is what I have got:

- Unlimited Free Zain to Zain calls (local)

- Unlimited Free SMS/MMS from Zain to Zain (local)

- 5000 minutes from Zain to non-Zain networks (local)

- 1000 SMS to non-Zain (local)

- 100 minutes of video calls to non-Zain (local/every month)

- Mobile TV service for free (1 year)

- BlackBerry OR Wiyana Connect (internet subscription) included; as per your choice!

- your choice of: BlackBerry Torch Onyx 2 OR Galaxy Tab OR iPhone 4 (16 GB)

All this can be added to your existing Zain line, or a new PLATINUM line of your choice! I got myself a new platinum line.. Wooh! I think this is a limited time offer during infoconnect.. so hurry up and run to Mishref Fairgrounds – Hall 7.


I’m truly enjoying this package, specially knowing that I’m paying a fixed rate suiting my monthly need. Another topic I’ve wanted to share is that I have read about in some public forums. The claim was that Telecom companies in Kuwait do some competitions that might be considered as gambling through SMS, which is “7araam”. This is how it goes, You send an SMS to a number, you roll in the draw, and you might win.. right? WRONG! The way it goes here in Kuwait, that every single SMS service, every single SMS competition is carefully reviewed and approved by government officials and religious sheikhs. And if you have noticed, none of the Kuwaiti telecoms participates in any of those competitions. Cut the crap, it was a HOAX.

  1. brilliant offer, but how much did all this cost?

    • I have initially paid 55 KD which is this month’s cost.. then I’ll commit to 59 KD every month for a year :D

  2. Nice offer… do u know what other offers they have with the iphone 4? Like a cheaper package as i dont use my mob that much!

  3. Waw that is an amazing offer !!

  4. Are all the minutes to other networks over the course of the year, or resets every month?

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