Theme change.. ? again?


Every time I change theme I keep it for a short time and then start looking for an alternative… I don’t really get myself when it comes to themes! I feel like changing it every now and then.

So, what do you suggest? totally new theme? do you have any color in mind for us? 3a6oona raykom

  1. I believe then your not liking it in the first place! but if you do then you shouldnt find it hard to stay with it :)
    heres a few suggestions:
    if you like this one (i know i do) then how about changing colors? maybe it would be a different color every month or 3 ?
    if you are welling to go for another design, then how about you set dates for that, lets say you change it every year, just cuz you like to :D

  2. Guys, I think its good idea to use a theme for sometime before changing it, take your time to think but in my case I love simple & clean big mess or fuss :)

    BTW, happy new year !

    • al-awadhi
    • January 4th, 2011

    maalak YAAAD :)

    walla i like these colors,, maybe after some time use some different patterns and add few very simple touches of orange on the grey (very little orange), i think it will give it another touch ;)

    good luck bro

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