Egypt trip

I had a 3-day trip to Egypt to do some visits and finish some stuff in our new apartment there. That gave the chance to use my new Camera (Nikon D3000) recommended by my good friend Yousef. Below are some shots I took there :)

Cairo - a sky view

A nice view over river Nile

On the way going to my place - أدب on the numbers plate

They call it "The Kuwaiti Mosque" ... I don't know why!

Mashyakhat el Azhar

Mohammed Ali Mosque - Al Qal3a

A closer shot - That castle was built by Salah Al Deen Al Ayoubi

A closer one

Al sayeda 3a2esha mosque

On the way bac to Kuwait - Just passed over Sharm Alshaikh

The air path to Kuwait - Home sweet home

That’s all folks ! :)

    • Amal
    • September 3rd, 2010

    welcome back,,
    oo nice cam 3leak bel3afya ,, lovely pictures mashallah ^.^ keep it up

  1. Thanks :)

  2. 7emdillah 3al salama ya basha nawart elkeweeeet

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