Meanwhile in England

  1. one word for that …. POLITICS

  2. not really its just the US dont care about football at all

  3. The US doesn’t care about “soccer” at all.
    We <3 Football, as in American Football. :P

  4. ”The US doesn’t care about “soccer” at all. We <3 Football, as in American Football.''
    Shaatauup you mug, real football was an official sport/game before american football. real football has probs been around before your USA country ever existed. wouldnt suprise me mate!

  5. Charlie, humor has been around long before soccer. I was having a laugh. Nothing serious. Lighten up or get you some…

    • U-S-A!! U-S-A!!
    • March 5th, 2012

    You say politics… I say it’s the culmination of decades and decades of inferiority boiling over. For as long as anyone alive can remember England has always looked down it’s nose at the United States.. almost like that annoying older brother than is supremely jealous of the younger, more attractive, cooler, more intelligent younger brother.

    If the World Cup is the measuring stick that you use to gauge your countries skill at the sport as it relates to the rest of the world, and you guys, a country that lives and dies for soccer can’t beat a country of people that gives exactly 0 fucks about soccer.

    PS: “Soccer” is a British term, we just still use it. Don’t like us using words that annoy you? Your great-great-great grandfather shouldn’t have invented it.

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