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reading fortune

what had started as fun and playing games turned to be scary and jinxed our lives … me and my best friend found one girl who seemed to be nice and everything ,, and we got to talk about romance and so on , and she came with playing cards and she started to say the name of the person and she sees some stuff around him/her .. like weather if he gonna call or not ,, or if he was cheating on you ,, or how happy he was with you ,, and ever card has a meaning ,, so me and my best friend were so eager to know secrets about our loved ones ,, and to be honest some of the things she used to tell us was true!!! as she used to say : ” rab3ee ma yechathbooon!!” so she admits that she deals with witchcraft .. anyway ,, later on i felt like bad luck seemed to follow me and my career reached a point i cant even describe  … i even failed in one of classes *shhhh don’t tell dad*  .. even my best friend was about to get divorced from her husband and take her kids away!! .. we realized then its all because of leaving the daily five prayers and for the reading fortune game!! .. now we came clean ,, and we only hope for god to forgive us!!

  1. You better watchout… bafatten if you do it again :)

    • Amal
    • May 12th, 2010

    Tooooooooooooobah !

    • hadi
    • May 12th, 2010

    mmmmmm ….. hayen

  2. Hadi am a good girl now ;(

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