In a dark moment, walking in my room busy with a phone call, and not noticing that I have put my laptop on the ground for an unknown purpose… QRESHHHHHH… My foot hit something… shino hatha!! I turn on the lights.. NO! NOOO!!! NOT MY e-GO!!! I’m now using my older one, the Huawei E169.

Spending few minutes without internet access, thinking that I won’t be able to do so unless I buy a new one was definitely scary, until I found my older device… Don’t ever put your laptop on the ground and walk in the place with the lights turned off!

  1. Aww that sucks .. hopefully it can be fixed

  2. If you have a spare phone that has a 3G connectivity just use it :)

    t9er eb arqa el 3a2elat :)

    alla y3awth 3laik :)

    • Allah kareem :\ ya I got an iPhone.. I’ll give it a try

  3. ya 7raaaaaaaaaam ;\

    I guess you learnt the lesson the hard way!

  4. LOL .. 5a6ak essoo ;p

  5. btw, my blog has the same layout ur using..

    so, I’ll be changing mine soon, because, well it looks like you worked more on its customization than i did :)

    • FQ
    • May 2nd, 2010

    7aram!! :(

    Perhaps fate is telling you to scooch over to the MiFi? :) Much handier (and more durable!) than the e-go

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