My BlackBerry got NUKED!

Just got in my bed getting ready to sleep… I received a BlackBerry messenger message from a friend with a URL, and I clicked on that link.. My BlackBerry screen turned completely white and rebooted by itself. I threw it aside till it finishes rebooting for like 15 minutes, but… still loading! I tried every reboot method I know but nothing worked… anyway, my BlackBerry 9700 got into an infinite reboot loop; i.e Nuked!

I googled for some similar issues, and came across many links and articles. I followed an article on Crackberry to restore my phone back and worked perfectly. One thing that you have to do before trying to re-install your phone OS, is that you have to make sure you have downloaded your latest BlackBerry firmware from your carrier page; in my case that was Multilingual firmware – Zain Kuwait. I downloaded and installed the file on my laptop, then I followed the steps. These are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of BlackBerry desktop manager
  • Download your carrier firmware from this page
  • Install the firmware, then reboot your PC
  • Make sure that your BlackBerry is not connected to your PC, and is turned OFF
  • Go to My Computer > C: (or your main drive) > Program files > Common files > Research in Motion > AppLoader > and run the application “Loader
  • Click on next, then you should see a box showing your connection port, or it might not show anything.
  • Remove the battery from your BlackBerry, and then plug it to your PC…
  • For few seconds the connection name will turn into USB-PIN:UNKNOWN. Make sure to hit “next” while that connection name is still showing, or you will have to repeat this step again.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your BlackBerry getting restored!

NOTE: Your BlackBerry will NOT be restored as it was, it will get back to its factory settings. This will not affect your memory card files.

Link: Crackberry tutorial (Includes a video)

  1. could you write down the url in the post 3ashan ma7ad edisha.. plus what type of virus is it

  2. OMG,, totaly nuked. At least you thought of fixing the problem your self,, and thanks for the solution,, enshalla it will not happen to me or anyone .

    • FQ
    • April 21st, 2010

    That sucks, happened to me once too and there was no fixing it :(

    Switch to iPhone (*ahem* when the 4G comes out in June inshalla)- that type of stuff never happens! :)

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