Confirmed: Apple iPad in X-Cite Alghanim TODAY

I heard some news about X-Cite Alghanim getting iPad ready for sale today. I called 1803535 and they have confirmed it. The agent told me about a small session followed by a reservation process – and selling.. maybe!- for those iPads to start today at 7:00pm in X-Cite in Avenues mall.

Price? “will be a surprise” the agent said. I don’t know what is the reservation process for! could be a limited quantity? But afterall, they do have iPads.

Get yourself ready ppl.. !

    • chaoticposha
    • April 4th, 2010

    Kewl.. didn’t expect it to be in kuwait so soon

    am gonna wait for the reviews and see if i really need it or not ;p

  1. I’d recommend that you wait for the WiFi + 3G version

  1. September 10th, 2014
  2. September 14th, 2014

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