BlackBerry Messenger Outage

It’s been noticed that most of BlackBerry users in Kuwait been getting a lot of delays in email and blackberry messages delivery. The same issue have previously affected several areas around the globe last december, which forced RIM to release BlackBerry messenger to cover those flaws caused by a database update.

“Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure,” according to RIM. “RIM has taken corrective action to restore service.”

RIM released a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (version and encouraged any user who upgraded their Messenger since Dec. 14 to download the lastest version.

A similar issue affected UAE, and Etisalat responded to that with a press release [Here]

Apparently RIM has applied a new update that affected Kuwait this time, and interrupted the service for customers from the three Kuwaiti telecom companies. We should expect a new BBM update in the upcoming few days.

  1. I got alot of BCs in that case, but none declared the issue correctly.
    Thanks for letting us know.

  2. I’m getting sick and tired of this ! its getting very annoying and confusing! how come no one did anything about it till now ?

  3. Word Sence:
    No problem

    Moody Panties:
    Still no official statement from RIM about this issue.

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