Zain: BlackBerry Bold 9700 is available


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Zain started offering the new BlackBerry Bold 9700, available in all branches for KD 135 for the device with a one year commitment (KD 14/Month), while it will be for KD 150 offered by other operators!! It is also worth mentioning that Zain BlackBerry local usage is now unlimited for all BlackBerry subscribers.

Zain branches [click here]

    • Zain_Lover
    • January 20th, 2010

    This ad is ridiculous, Zain is having a low point on innovation for ad both paper and tv, I guess that is what happens when you go cheap.

    The Ad you posted is not even funny, if that was the aim. What is it that they are trying to do here ?

  1. Excuse me! I was talking about the offer and not the ad!

    and by the way.. this ad is innovative in my point of view.. because it delivers a message that “Rab3i bye7tarroon menni” stating a message to be “UNIQUE”.. and UNIQUE is not cheap!

    speaking of cheap, you know who is going that way :)

    In what way you see it “cheap” ? explain more please

    • bo faisal
    • January 20th, 2010

    i loved the tag line it is witty and fresh.
    as for the offer it is quite attractive i believe its the lowest priced its even lower than electrozan (as seen on mark’s blog).
    way to go zain

  2. Zain_Lover = Viva_Lover
    He/She just used the Zain_Lover nickname to pretend they’re actually Zain fans and are disappointed with this ad while in fact they’re Viva fans or employees. Big FAIL.

  3. lol! worst tactic ever!

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