Mr.Right .. ehh?


I’ve been getting all those stupid message over my BlackBerry messenger about “I haven’t met Mr. Right yet.. But I have met with Mr. As***le… etc”. I swear that I received this message more than 20 times in a single day, and all were broadcasts.

I came out with one conclusion.. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BAD CHOICE THAT A GIRL MAKES! Don’t blame guys for your shi* ! I’m not saying that all guys are good… la walla 7asha ! But you know what? Do you wanna know about my personal experience? I met Ms. Drama Queen, I met Ms. Shallow, I met Ms. No Brains, I met Ms. Cheating! … And believe it or not, I got an extended list that I don’t want to share!

So, girls.. stop broadcasting stupid things, specially when it comes to relationships!

  1. lool :p

    and my comment is short kaify :p

  2. LOL

    ur pissed off..
    i think BB is created to piss off ppl with silly broadcast msgs hehe

    take it easy and take iphone ;r

    am a girl and i totally agree with u..its all about the good choice!

    peace ..i guess? lol

  3. relaaaaaaaaxxxxx;p edenya ma tiswa;p

    • Lola
    • January 17th, 2010

    You are extremely mad loool

    People do make bad choices including yourself I guess.

    Eventually bad choices may lead to good ones !

  4. agreed. a39abik :p
    la bass 9ij shal sa5afa =\

  5. Laa 9ij it sucks.. matadroon ba3ad 3an salfat el Girly BB codes??

    England = Single
    Las Vegas = Player
    ..etc !!

    • Al3awadhi
    • January 17th, 2010

    tloomny lemma ze3t el blackberry ??
    kella welsebba hal sowalef,,
    bas latez3aal,, hawwenha wehy t’hoon ;)

    • toota
    • March 18th, 2010

    estereeeee7.. guys sucks o suwalefhum sowalef.. it has nothing to do with the good choice since at the begining the guys act nice and gentle wesawoon aflam o tamtheleyaat and you end up knowing that all that was fake..

    i have heard so many stories that should win the oscar for best actor!

  6. Dear Ms. Toota,

    Shame on whomever hurts you or anyone you know. As I said, I’m not saying that all guys are good, but not all of them are bad! am I correct?

    I can tell you stories that should win MANY oscars for best ACTRESS as well!

    Cheer up, it’s not the end of the world :)

    • toota
    • March 18th, 2010

    hhehhe yaa sure not all men are bad since there is 0.000001% good ones left!

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